Rotorua Weekender : 2020-07-03

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GOLD, OLD COINS, WAR MEDALS, OLD BANKNOTES AND VINTAGE WATCHES DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THE ABOVE? HAVE YOU HAD A GOOD SORT OUT DURING LOCKDOWN? THEN ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS… • • • • • • • • • Shouldn’t I be selling now at these extremely high NZ gold prices? Now that I’ve sorted them do I need to keep them? Will the kids or grandchild­ren really want or appreciate them? Isn’t the money better off in my pocket? Will the museum want them considerin­g how much they already have in storage? Will the burglars get them? Will they be safe in an earthquake or other disaster? Do I have the expertise to sell them myself on the Internet? Shall I give the items away or give them the money instead? YOU KNOW THE ANSWERS – WE WANT TO BUY – SO CASH IN NOW! Anthony Grant from John Bertrand (Collectabl­es) Ltd. will be visiting Rotorua next week on a buying trip for the company. See the page opposite for a full list of venues. He is very keen to purchase a wide range of collectabl­es, especially the following items: • Old Gold • Old Banknotes • War Medals • Old Coins • Vintage Watches • Military Badges • Maori & Pacific Artefacts • Pre 1920s Postcards (collection­s and accumulati­ons) SEE THE PAGE OPPOSITE FOR EXAMPLES OF THE ITEMS WE WANT TO BUY, SAMPLE BUYING PRICES, AND THE VENUES WE WILL BE BUYING AT FIVE GOOD REASONS TO DEAL WITH ME WHY DEAL WITH AMATEURS WHEN YOU CAN DEAL WITH A PROFESSION­AL Mr Anthony W Grant Author of the John Bertrand™ New Zealand Coin & Banknote Catalogue. Director, John Bertrand (Collectabl­es) Ltd. John Bertrand (Collectabl­es) Ltd T: 04 232 9832 E: PO Box 323, Wellington 6140 Members of the Australasi­an Numismatic Dealers Associatio­n and the New Zealand Numismatic Dealers Associatio­n

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