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14 Rotorua Weekender Jul 3, 2020 | Coming to terms with holidays Practice hones skills to a fine art Helen English OPINION I I must admit to feeling a bit of sympathy for all the parents of young kids right now. Can you believe this weekend is the start of the next lot of school holidays? Is it just me or does it feel like our local tamariki have not spent much time in the classroom so far this year? Traditiona­lly this particular term break would be the least busy in our city, but that may not be the case in 2020. I feel a sense of optimism around town this week that it may just be a booming time with both locals and visitors alike getting the local economy stimulated. The holiday spending pressures will be on all families once again, and if for whatever reason your family can’t do all the flash things these holidays, treat your kids to the marvellous natural and free attraction­s that we have on our doorstep. have mixed feelings when someone compliment­s my artwork. Pride is mixed with my art teacher heart, which knows that everyone has an artist inside of them. The difference is motivation and encouragem­ent. For instance, I’m sure that I have a great violinist lurking inside of me, and I did attend lessons at one time, however, I think my parents would agree that I wasn’t motivated to develop that skill and, when I practised at home, they clearly didn’t think that I needed encouragem­ent to continue. When it comes to art, it’s a different story. I was encouraged and I also practise a lot. I am eclectic in the mediums I use and the subjects I paint, but I paint most days, and practise improves practice. Like anything in life, if you repeat an activity you will gradually become more skilled at it. However, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. We mostly enjoy art made by artists who had or have a particular style. These artists generally have a catalogue of work in which they grew their style and preparator­y sketches, in pencil or paint, leading up to their known works. Sometimes freely available and sometimes private. The ones which can be seen show that skilled artists don’t just wake up one day with a developed style or a masterpiec­e. So when you are feeling like your artwork pales in comparison to others, or you wish you had the skill you see in someone else, you should believe that you are also capable with motivation and patience. Photo / File In the case of the recession, job losses led to higher unemployme­nt levels, and people were more likely to put off or decide against having kids. Considerin­g the world is dealing with both a recession and a pandemic with no certain end in sight, the experts suggest that lower birth rates could be long lasting. but with the great job that Plunket does, and how much effort we put into this at The Hits, I felt it was worth another mention. This week we have dedicated a lot of our resources to raise as much money as we can, with our annual “The Hits Pledge For Plunket”. We’ve had some great response from businesses, listeners and people on the street, and today has been a lot of fun with our radio-thon. But the fundraisin­g doesn’t really stop. This year Plunket has a goal of supplying 1500 Wha¯ nau Bundles to families in need. These bundles include socks, a onesie, a merino blanket and sleeping bag, book, facecloth and swaddle. Visit and you can make a donation from just $10 to pledge an item that will be added to a bundle. Or you can text Plunket to 4487 and we will send you back the link to make it a bit easier. Boom busted One of the running jokes during lockdown was the pending baby boom in nine months time. But it seems the expected Covid baby boom just may not happen. In fact, according to some economists, we can expect to see declining birth rates next year. They looked at birth rates from the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 and the recession of 2009 and found that after both major financial events, birth rates tanked. Backing Plunket Paul Hickey is the host of the locally based 9am-3pm show on The Hits Rotorua 97.5FM. Follow on Facebook The Hits Rotorua and on Twitter @paulhickey­nz. ■ But for those babies who will be born and their parents, Plunket will be there. I did write about this last week, Helen English is a local arts tutor. ■ Anahira and her Navigator Ken Harema who featured on TV3’S The Project last week. Drive Change One Licence at a Time We urgently need volunteers to mentor vulnerable youth to get their driver’s licences. 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