Rotorua Weekender : 2020-07-03

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7 Jul 3, 2020 Rotorua Weekender | Community invited to grave cleaning project Shauni James T he local public is invited to a meeting to find out how they can contribute to paying respects to war veterans who have passed away and are buried in the Rotorua region. New Zealand Remembranc­e Army Rotorua is holding a public meeting on Monday, July 6 at 6.30pm at the Te Ru¯ nanga Tea Rooms, Government Gardens. The New Zealand Remembranc­e Army (NZRA) was formed on January 1, 2019, and its mission is for every service grave in the country to be cleaned and restored. Its aim is to raise the standard of New Zealand’s war graves to be the same or higher than those overseas. Rick Thame, New Zealand Remembranc­e Army Rotorua regional co-ordinator, says they are always looking for volunteers. He says so far the Rotorua society has set itself up, got all the legislatio­n done, and the Project Remembranc­e Rotorua members have practised how things have to be done when cleaning the service graves. “We have drawn in experience from various places.” Rick says they have engaged with iwi, council and trusts, and last year held a concert to help raise funds and awareness of the project. Another concert will be held this year. He says at the public meeting a plan will be delivered as to where and how the project will go forward from here. “It’s a worthy cause. “It’s remembranc­e of those who Photo / File Photo / Supplied went before and paved the way for us, and in many cases paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we might live in a free democratic society,” he says. He says many also came home from war and went on to build our city. “It’s a nice way of giving back and showing respect.” Photo / Supplied Keeping you close to home With care homes in Pukehangi and Owhata, we can care for you while you remain close to family and friends. Call today to enquire We offer rest home and hospital level care, including specialist dementia care. Our comfortabl­e care homes offer high standards of care, with bright and spacious indoor and outdoor communal areas. Understand­ing what you need is paramount, so we take the time to work with you and your family to help make the best decisions together. For availabili­ty and advice, contact Sharon Preston on 027 290 1130 or 0800 60 80 99

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