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Time is a funny beast. I read a great piece on stuff last week, where a re­porter had spo­ken to a 91 year old woman in a rest home.

She said that in her head she was still the same girl she al­ways was, but her body was just not keep­ing up.

I know how she feels.

My baby girl turned 15 last week, and it’s odd.

In my head, I’m still 15 and at high school and in love with my first boyfriend.

In my head, I’m also 28 and hold­ing my beau­ti­ful baby girl while my 5-year-old princess looks on.

And in my head, I’m in my 40s and won­der­ing what the hell hap­pened to my waist line and my life.

They say with age comes wis­dom, and some days the wis­est de­ci­sion I can make is to be the grown up, not the teen rebel.

And then some days, the rebel wins.

- Shan­non

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