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Is there any­thing bet­ter than be­ing around peo­ple who are do­ing some­thing they love? I had a week­end of be­ing with peo­ple who were tak­ing part in ac­tiv­i­ties that they’re pas­sion­ate about, and it re­minded me just how im­por­tant it is to have some­thing in life that you want, and that you’re will­ing to work for.

From pow­er­li­fit­ing to act­ing to horse rid­ing or let­ter­ing, there is pure magic in find­ing some­thing you love, that you’re good at or want to get good at, and pur­su­ing it.

Of course, half the chal­lenge is ac­tu­ally find­ing that thing. There are cer­tain things you do that, when you’re do­ing them, cause time to move dif­fer­ently. What feels like five min­utes has in fact been three hours – that to­tal ab­sorp­tion in the ac­tiv­ity is a sure sign you’re onto a win­ner.

It’s some­thing dif­fer­ent for each of us, but that pas­sion is uni­ver­sal.

Find yours, and pur­sue it for all you’re worth.

– Shan­non.

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