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For the ul­ti­mate in win­ter chic, opt for pink un­der­tones to your colour.

“If you have a warmer com­plex­ion think about a rose gold or rose cop­per hue,” sug­gests Mor­gan. “Not too light, not too dark, and with the per­fect pink cop­per re­flec­tion, this is a skin-flat­ter­ing shade that will warm up your com­plex­ion eas­ily.” A new take on the red­head, this lighter colour with a sub­tle hint of rose pops nicely against a dark win­ter wardrobe. “If your skin­tone is cooler, imag­ine the per­fect rose ma­hogany,” says Mor­gan. Once you’ve had your new colour done, pre­vent fad­ing with an at-home en­hancer and pro­tec­tor.


Ju­uce Dusky Rose Con­di­tion­ing Colour Treat­ment, $26. Lust SemiPer­ma­nent Colour in Misty Rose, $22.

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