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Con­sider hor­i­zon­tal stripes, which make a room ap­pear big­ger the same way a striped gar­ment can make the wearer look larger. Sim­i­larly, ver­ti­cal stripes make a low ceil­ing seem taller.

A monochro­matic colour scheme works ex­tremely well in small spa­ces as it al­lows the eye to move eas­ily around the room with­out ob­vi­ous in­ter­rup­tion by other colours.

This can al­ter your per­cep­tion of di­men­sion and can make an in­te­rior seem more spa­cious.

Another trick is to paint the walls and trims the same colour to make ceil­ings ap­pear taller.



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