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Rid­ding our skin of heavy make-up, ex­cess oils and dirt can be com­plex, with residue of­ten left on our faces overnight.

The an­swer to this cleans­ing co­nun­drum is dou­ble cleans­ing. “The first cleanse re­moves su­per­fi­cial de­bris, while the sec­ond as­sists in bal­anc­ing the nat­u­ral oil flow,” says Ul­traceu­ti­cals’ Beeby.

She rec­om­mends us­ing ei­ther a qual­ity mi­cel­lar wa­ter or cleans­ing oil for your first cleanse. While us­ing oil to help lift make-up off your face may sound counter-in­tu­itive, oil has great cleans­ing prop­er­ties and can break­down oil-based prod­ucts like foun­da­tions and mas­caras more ef­fec­tively. How­ever, oils have to be fol­lowed up by a lath­er­ing prod­uct to rid the skin of im­pu­ri­ties.

For your sec­ond cleanse, the prod­uct should ideally be matched to your skin type. “Dry skins have a pref­er­ence for hy­drat­ing milk cleansers and oily and com­bi­na­tion skins are more suited to gel or foam-based cleansers,” says Beeby. “Sen­si­tive skins work well with mi­cel­lar wa­ter and prob­lem­atic skin is best treated with an an­tibac­te­rial cleanser.” TRY: 1. Clin­ique Take The Day Off Cleans­ing Oil, $54. 2. Dior In­stant Gen­tle Cleans­ing Oil, $77. 3. Ul­traceu­ti­cals Ul­tra B2 Mi­cel­lar So­lu­tion, $49. 4. En­v­i­ron Pre-cleans­ing Oil, $49. 5. Burt’s Bees In­tense Hy­dra­tion Cream Cleanser, $37. 6. Lin­den Leaves Skin Refining Cream Cleanser, $40.

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