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What are you best known for?

Never com­plet­ing any task un­til now, this house. Also, of course, my sense of hu­mour, which was es­sen­tial for the above.

What three qual­i­ties got you to where you are now?

Op­ti­mism, ad­ven­tur­ism and a cast-iron con­sti­tu­tion. Also a be­lief that if things don’t go as planned to roll with it. It’s a mo­ment, an ex­pe­ri­ence and it is all tran­sient.

What gets you up in the morn­ing?

My chil­dren or dogs, or both. Fol­lowed by yoga ev­ery day, it’s es­sen­tial. Also the sun, I’m def­i­nitely so­lar pow­ered, I re­ally strug­gled in the dark­ness of the Bri­tish win­ters.

Who’s on your fan­tasy din­ner party guest list?

Adrien Brody, Os­car Wilde, Dorothy Parker, Stephen Fry and Sil­vio Ber­lus­coni.

What’s your rule of thumb when en­ter­tain­ing?

Keep it sim­ple and in­for­mal, never try some­thing new for the first time.

What was your best buy in this house?

A paint­ing by Or­landa Broom, a very tal­ented Bri­tish artist who paints trip­ty­chs and cir­cu­lar land­scapes that re­mind me of Henri Rousseau’s gar­den paint­ings. They are trans­portive.

What are your go-to des­ti­na­tions to source beau­ti­ful things?

I shop at auc­tion houses like Prove­nance in Cape Town and car boot sales and mar­kets. It would be too sim­ple to walk into a shop, you don’t get the same sense of sat­is­fac­tion and re­ward of find­ing some­thing re­ally unique with a story to go with it.

Are you a bar­gain hunter or a de­sign diva?

Bar­gain hunter – but with a mix – you can’t have all bar­gain with no back­bone. I’m a Top­shop dress with the Lan­vin shoes type. You need beau­ti­ful, qual­ity pieces to hold things to­gether.

What ad­vice what you give to your 18-yearold self ?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Travel as much as you can and live in­side as many dif­fer­ent cul­tures as you can. The dif­fer­ences teach us who we are.

Be­low: Natalie uses two old brass bag­gage trol­leys as coat stands. She bought them off web­site Gumtree from a re­tired porter who had worked on the Blue Train, which tra­verses South Africa, for 30 years. Rac­ing green silk taffeta cur­tains add an el­e­ment of colour to a neu­tral hall­way.

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