WITH JULENE CROPP Co-founder of Bees Bril­liance skin­care.

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Tell us a bit about Bees Bril­liance. Bees Bril­liance is a skin­care range in­spired by hon­ey­bees. It was founded by my­self and Matthew Cropp, a fourth-gen­er­a­tion bee­keeper who turned his fam­ily legacy into a busi­ness, and is the re­sult of many years of work­ing with bees and the amaz­ing raw in­gre­di­ents they pro­duce, with a vi­sion to cre­ate a range of prod­ucts that per­form as ef­fec­tively as bees do in their hives. What sets it apart from other skin­care ranges that in­clude honey in their prod­ucts? We’re more than just a honey-based skin­care brand. Our brand is all about our bees, and the nat­u­rally pow­er­ful in­gre­di­ents they cre­ate. For ex­am­ple, the bee pollen oil we use is crafted from our very own spe­cial recipe and made in small, po­tent batches in-house. This golden or­ganic oil is na­ture’s su­per­food for your skin. What are some of honey’s key beauty ben­e­fits? Rich in nat­u­ral sug­ars, amino acids, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als, honey is a nat­u­ral humec­tant that’s great for feed­ing the skin with all the es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents you need, both top­i­cally and in­ter­nally. What’s your best­seller? Our In­stant Hy­dra Firm­ing Shot. It’s great for an im­me­di­ate pick-me-up, but it also helps with long-last­ing hy­dra­tion, smooth­ing sur­face wrin­kles, restor­ing the lipids in the skin, and pro­tect­ing the skin too. Why has bee venom be­come such an anti-age­ing su­per­star? It gen­tly stim­u­lates the skin, help­ing to re­duce the ap­pear­ance of fine lines and wrin­kles. What prod­ucts do you rec­om­mend for those who are new to hon­ey­based skin­care? It de­pends on your skin type. How­ever, a good in­tro­duc­tion is my favourite prod­uct – our Manuka Honey Mask. With 40 per cent manuka honey, this pot of gold leaves your skin feel­ing re­ju­ve­nated and pam­pered. How is manuka honey dif­fer­ent to other va­ri­eties? Manuka honey is unique to New Zealand and val­ued for its amaz­ing heal­ing prop­er­ties, and we use it for both of these rea­sons. Our skin­care prod­ucts con­tain ac­tives that are grown and pro­duced only in New Zealand and are a lot more po­tent be­cause of the re­mote and un­pol­luted en­vi­ron­ment.

Bees Bril­liance Orig­i­nal Manuka Honey Mask, $88, Skin Bright­en­ing Spot Essence, $48, and In­stant Hy­dra Firm­ing Shot 50ml, $49.

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