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Let your per­sonal style shine through with tac­tile tex­tures, nat­u­ral bres and a lush colour pal­ette in­spired by Tahiti’s be­guil­ing land­scape.

The crys­tal clear aqua atolls and white sandy beaches weren’t Imo­gen Tun­ni­cli e’s last­ing im­pres­sion of the Tahi­tian Is­lands. In­stead it was the lush and cap­ti­vat­ing lay­ers of green fo­liage, the dra­matic vol­canic land­scape and the mood­i­ness of the skies that stayed with Città’s se­nior de­signer and pro­vided in­spi­ra­tion for the brand’s SS17/18 col­lec­tion, Par­adise Found.

The mys­tique of the is­lands and the a€nity the locals have to­wards the land it­self, too, played a large part in the col­lec­tion’s con­cep­tion. “The Tahi­tians treat the land as an ex­ten­sion of them­selves, their bod­ies and their fam­ily,” ex­plains Imo­gen.

“Not as an inan­i­mate ob­ject, but a liv­ing breath­ing or­gan­ism with pro­cre­ative pow­ers.” This dis­cov­ery gave way to a fem­i­nine mood through­out the col­lec­tion, with soft forms, move­ment and free-ˆow­ing lines paired with broad brush strokes and the planes of colour in­spired by the likes of artists Rousseau and Gau­gin.

Like­wise, there is a cel­e­bra­tion of tex­ture in the range, through wo­ven rugs, Œne linens, ˆu y tuft­ing and en­zymewashed fab­rics that lend them­selves to a worn and sun-faded feel. “Plain tex­ture can work very well as a back­ground el­e­ment in your home and usu­ally com­ple­ments most other styles and tex­tures, so it can eas­ily be added to an ex­ist­ing look,” says Imo­gen. The ‘Silky’ cush­ion and the nat­u­ral jute rugs are both ver­sa­tile op­tions, while some of the bolder, more play­ful tex­tures can work as a hero item to re­vive your cur­rent dé­cor.

Above: Imo­gen Tun­ni­cliffe, head of tex­tile de­sign at Città.

Left: Sketches con­cep­tu­al­is­ing Città’s Tahiti col­lec­tion.

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