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Last year Coun­ties Manukau missed an 82nd minute penalty to lose. This year was dif­fer­ent; this year they missed a 77th minute tackle. This sport can be tough. Al­most as tough as back­yard rugby.

So my wife has some broth­ers. I would get paired up with the neph­ews to take on and even­tu­ally take them apart. There is no filth­ier and sat­is­fy­ing place than a back­yard in­ter-fam­ily ruck.

Any­way - for the first try, Un­cle Seta says ‘hey nephew Manasa, run over there and pass it to Waisake’. ‘I’ll stay here’. Manasa does that and Waisake scores. Good tac­tic. Pretty much the back­yard footy, just with­out the beers, swing­ing arms and lies about how good we were at high school.

Toa has some gas, he got in be­hind the ad­van­tage line so many times, I won­dered if he had swapped teams. The neph­ews would never swap teams though. Why? Ac­cord­ing to en­cy­clopae­dia of face­book, it’s called a ‘Fun­cle’. A ‘Fun­cle’ is like a Dad – only way cooler.

Is it just me, or does Beaver Don­ald look like a choo choo train when he runs? The broth­ers-in­law sound like a choo choo train after a mere three min­utes, even though the field is smaller than a squash court.

Led by the Block C quar­tet, let’s call them ‘the loud­hail­ers’, the crowd notched up a try as­sist for the sec­ond try. To the tune of Seven Na­tion Army, the loud­hail­ers started the ‘Waisake Na­holo’ rift, Coun­ties rushed to cover ‘the fast one’ and it opened the gap for Char­lie to score. I like your head­gear too, Char­lie.

What’s with the team’s white shorts though? The Bulls look like they are in a rap booty video.

Back to the game – the ‘loud­hail­ers’ pulled an­other try as­sist by chant­ing ‘Waisake Na­holo’ again. Coun­ties were on to this and cov­ered the in­side. But we tricked them and passed it to Waisake who su­per­man-ed it in the cor­ner. We call that move ‘hot dog and beer­sies’. Loud­hail­ers were aaaar­rggh­hooogaaah­h­hing each other. I’m in block C too, Block C rules, you other blocks best lift your game.

Off to do my stretches, I have a big game com­ing up…..

Great to see the All Blacks here this week, should be a cracker event.

Thank you NZRFU, these games in the prov­inces are mas­sive.

Up the Bulls

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