A store with Lotto, lol­lies and lots more


An al­ready di­verse store hasn’t been able to keep up with de­mand since adding a sweet new ad­di­tion.

Ha¯wera’s @ Your Of­fice & Lotto started sell­ing lol­lies al­most a year ago and the town’s sweet tooth is clearly ev­i­dent.

‘‘We started off with four shelves and we’ve grown,’’ owner Kim Cameron said. ‘‘We’ve tried to keep the jars full, but you can see what peo­ple like.’’

Kim and her hus­band Kevin Cameron sell ev­ery­thing in their store from crafts to lotto tick­ets to loads of lol­lies.

The sweets are slowly tak­ing over a front cor­ner of the shop and bring all ages through the door.

‘‘Kids can come in, there’s a pair of tongs there, they can help them­selves,’’ Kim said. ‘‘I don’t add them up, they can do that.

‘‘I just say to them ‘look, if you want to steal a lolly that’s go­ing to be on your con­science not mine’.’’

In say­ing this, Kim said the main sweet teeth are adults. Their top-sell­ing lol­lies are pineap­ple lumps and liquorice.

The pair order cer­tain lolly re­quests in if there’s enough in­ter­est and Kevin said they had or­dered some to fit di­etary re­quire­ments too.

‘‘We’ve had a lot of peo­ple come in who are di­a­betic - they want cer­tain lol­lies, so we’ve sourced those,’’ he said. ‘‘Oth­ers who want sugar-free lol­lies and glu­cose-free lol­lies and all those sorts of things, so Kim has been sourc­ing those.’’

Kim said ev­ery lolly in the store - bar one - was gluten free.

The idea first struck the pair when they came across a shop in the mid­dle of the is­land that was sell­ing lol­lies.

Kevin said they had been look­ing at new things to in­tro­duce in the store.

‘‘Your busi­ness can’t sit still,’’ he said. ‘‘With com­pe­ti­tion in other ar­eas, we’ve got to look at other things we can do.’’

Kim has been en­joy­ing mak­ing up lolly parcels for spe­cial oc­ca­sions - Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christ­mas, etc.

‘‘We want to do the bas­kets, and the lit­tle bags for busi­nesses and things like that,’’ she said.

As for the name, @ Your Of­fice & Lotto, they’re work­ing on some­thing sweet.

‘‘Some peo­ple come in and they want us to go com­plete lolly shop. I said to Kevin, ‘we need to sort our name’,’’ Kim laughed.

‘‘I just haven’t found one that I like.’’


Kim and Kevin Cameron say they can’t keep up with the sweet tooths in Ha¯wera.

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