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Sum­mer soc­cer draw for Fri­day.

A to­tal of 43 teams have en­rolled over five di­vi­sions for the 2010/ 11 sea­son. All teams need to sup­ply a ref­eree when re­quired and play is can­celled only when the play­ing grounds are closed.

6pm: Field 1, Half Baked v Thun­der­birds, ( 007s); Field 2, Razzmatazz v The Smurfs, (Sting); Field 3, 213 v Hit ’ n’ Miss, ( L-Keehz); Field 4, SWDC v New Gen­er­a­tion, (Mez­cars); Field 5, Blow On The Pie v Clue­less, (Scan­dalous); Field 6, Fire and Ice v Ruth­less Ag­gres­sion, ( Name­less); Field 7, Bushwack­ers v You Know, (GTL); Field 8, J Squad v Ur Mum, ( KGB); Field 9, 886 Strik­ers v All Rights, ( St­in­gletz); Field 10, Hacker Ju­niors v Sparks, (Sofa Kings).

6:50pm: Field 1, 007s v Tok Styles 886, (Half Baked); Field 2, Sting v The Hack­ers, (Razzmatazz); Field 3, L-Keehz v Boats n Hoes, ( 213); Field 4, Mez­cars v The Wanna Bes, (SWDC); Field 5, Far-Ques v Scan­dalous, ( Blow On The Pie); Field 6, Hy­dros v Name­less, (Fire & Ice); Field 7, G.T.L v Use­less Az, ( Bushwack­ers); Field 8, KGB v Some­thing, (J Squad); Field 9, Gum­boots v St­in­gletz, (All Rights); Field 10, Mouse Ma­ni­acs v Sofa Kings, (Sparks).

Teams with byes this week: Spartins, Laugh and Rovers


SURF touch draw for Thurs­day.

6pm: Field 1, 509 v The Tool Guys, (M.I.A); Field 2, N. W. O v Ti Hei, (Exu­sia); Field 3, R n B v Far-Ques, (MOT); Field 4, Touch Of Class v Whanau, ( Mot­ley Crew); Field 5, Mooloos v Fire n Ice, (Bu­lalas); Field 6, Sting v Raz­za­matazz, ( Reg­u­la­tors); Field 7, Un­knowns v Carters, ( Mez­carz); Field 8, Rustys v Da Ud­ders, (Spar­ta­cus).

6.45pm: Field 1, L-Keehz v MIA, (The Tool Guys); Field 2, CRZ, s v Exu­sia, ( Te Tihi); Field 3, MOT v Spir­itd, (R n B); Field 4, Churchies v Mot­ley Crew, (Whanau); Field 5, Bu­lalas v TRT Scaf­fold­ing, (Mooloos); Field 6, Crazy Horses v Reg­u­la­tors, ( Raz­za­matazz); Field 7, Mez­carz v Hy­droz, ( Un­knowns); Field 8, Spar­ta­cus v Wan­abes, (Rustys).


Pu­taruru Touch Draw for Fri­day.

6pm: Field 1, Ki­wis v Scor­pi­anz; Field 2, Blues Crewz v B.Ware; Field 3, Cho­ca­bloc v U Know; Field 4, All Sortz v Tru Bluz; Field 5, Thats Us v Cook­ies & Cream; Field 6, Win­ter­hawks v Af­ter Shock.

6.45pm: Field 1, Da Busi­ness v Tha Shack; Field 2, No Touchy Touchy v The Firm; Field 3, St Pats v Chu Bukkas; Field 4, Ki­wis 2 v War­riors; Field 5, Ara­puni Eels v Tik­itu. Toko­roa Golf Club $10,000 tour­na­ment.

Women’s: Gross: 1, C Cas­sidy; Nett: 1, J Kel­son; Stable­ford: 1, L Wal­lace; 2, L MacPher­son.

Men’s Di­vi­sion Two: Gross: 1, J Noo; 2, W Sin­clair; Nett: 1, W Steven­son; 2, B Welch; Stable­ford: 1, K Orake; 2, P Jack­son; 3, M Buck­ley; 4, D Ahuriri.

Men’s Di­vi­sion One: Gross: 1, J Mor­ris; 2, R Crocker; Nett: 1, G For­long; 2, K Ike­mura; Stable­ford: 1, I Christie; 2, S Henry; 3, R Asi­ata; 4, P Thom­son.

Gar­den Graph­ics Shootout win­ners: Women, L Wal­lace; Men’s Di­vi­sion Two, A Coulsby; Men’s Di­vi­sion One, G For­long.

Red Bull Fi­nal Five win­ners: Women, J Kel­son; Men’s Di­vi­sion Two, R Schultz; Men’s Di­vi­sion One, P Daniels.

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