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Two Waikato Uni­ver­sity stu­dents from Toko­roa play lovers in a Uni­ver­sity’s pro­duc­tion at the end of the month.

The trou­ble is one of them, Kimmy Mun­caster, can scarcely walk at the moment.

Miss Mun­caster has a lead role as Masha in the An­ton Chekov play Three Sis­ters.

How­ever rather than be­ing at re­hearsal Miss Mun­caster is laid up in bed fol­low­ing an emer­gency ap­pen­dec­tomy last week. ‘‘ I didn’t make re­hearsals Sun­day ( Oc­to­ber 31) night be­cause I wasn’t feel­ing well; by Mon­day I was in agony and took my­self off to the doc­tor and col­lapsed while I was there. By Tues­day I had no ap­pen­dix,’’ Miss Mun­caster said.

While the ac­tress is on the mend she is not sure when she’ll be back on stage to re­hearse with Richard Ho­man, also from Toko­roa and play­ing the sol­dier Ver­shinin with whom Masha has an af­fair.

Miss Mun­caster is one of eight Waikato Uni­ver­sity Sir Ed­mund Hil­lary schol­ars who ap­pear in the play. Her re­al­life boyfriend Scot Hall is also a Hil­lary scholar and is play­ing the sol­dier Tuzen­bach.

‘‘The play’s pretty cen­tral to all of our lives at the moment,’’ Mr Hall said. ‘‘But that’s the way with the­atre – dur­ing the sea­son ev­ery­thing you do – eat, drink and think – dur­ing the day is done with the evening’s per­for­mance in mind.’’

They first read the play in Jan­uary but cast­ing wasn’t done un­til May. The story spans five years and in­volves sev­eral com­plex sto­ry­lines and equally com­plex char­ac­ters.

Se­nior the­atre stud­ies lec­turer and the play’s di­rec­tor Gaye Poole says she wanted a play the ac­tors could get in­volved in at a deep level.

‘‘ This play fits the bill be­cause it doesn’t have one or two leads, it’s an en­sem­ble piece and the char­ac­ters are highly in­di­vid­ual, rich and idio­syn­cratic. I needed to be sure they un­der­stood all the char­ac­ters and what they go through over five years.

‘‘You tend to get much bet­ter work when ac­tors have had to think long and hard about the work, not just learned the lines that they have to speak.’’

Three Sis­ters runs from Novem­ber 23-27 at the WEL Academy of Per­form­ing Arts at Waikato Uni­ver­sity.

STAR SOL­DIER: Toko­roa’s Richard Ho­man plays the sol­dier Ver­shinin in Waikato Uni­ver­sity’s pro­duc­tion of Three Sis­ters.

KIMMY MUN­CASTER: Missing re­hearsals af­ter surgery.

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