Disgusting habit

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What’s with all the spit­ting and nose blow­ing in the streets these days?

I see peo­ple walk­ing past my home and they start blow­ing snot out their noses straight onto the foot­path and ev­ery­thing else it sprays onto, the foot­path that ev­ery­one walks on.

Or they spot out great big mu­cus blobs as they walk along, a nat­u­ral thing to do as far as they think.

Up town is no bet­ter, walk­ing around the shops you have to keep watch so your young ones don’t stand in some snotty muck on the foot­path, or you stand in it, yuck.

In the car parks at the su­per­mar­kets when you open the car door to get out what’s right there for your foot to land in? Two great big snotty blobs.

It’s so dirty and with menin­gi­tis and other life-threat­en­ing viruses that get passed from other peo­ple’s spit, it’s scary and down right dan­ger­ous.

Is it fine to have that muck on your shoes to wipe on your car floor? To take home? Why is it so ac­cepted in this town? D Hughes

Toko­roa (abridged)

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