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An­gry scenes as coun­cil de­bates Maori seat hui

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South Waikato Mayor Neil Sin­clair pro­duced two let­ters at a coun­cil meet­ing, which con­firmed the at­ten­dance of two Raukawa kau­matua at a 2005 hui where Maori seats were dis­cussed.

The let­ters were from Ti­mana Raukawa Kau­ni­hera, Hori Deane and kuia Ruthana Beg­bie.

The hui, held six years ago, was used as a cat­a­lyst for Maori not want­ing a seat on coun­cil when it came up for re­view in coun­cil this year.

Coun­cil opted to keep the sta­tus quo and not in­sti­tute a Maori seat.

Ac­cord­ing to Mr Deane’s let­ter there were rep­re­sen­ta­tives from the Raukawa Trust Board, kau­matua and the com­mu­nity in­volved in the hui process.

In­stead of a seat, it was de­cided at the hui that Maori would get a sep­a­rate Maori Ad­vi­sory Com­mit­tee and Maori would be ap­pointed to com­mit­tees when­ever a mat­ter of sig­nif­i­cance for Maori was de­bated.

South Waikato News asked Mr Sin­clair through his com­mu­ni­ca­tions man­ager whether this had been done. Mr Sin­clair would not com­ment. At the coun­cil meet­ing, be­fore read­ing the let­ters, Mr Sin­clair re­called that in 1989 the South Waikato News and Pu­taruru Press com­bined and won com­mu­nity awards and he talked about his dis­like of tabloids.

‘‘I re­alise to­day the world has changed and it’s far eas­ier rather then putting news, be­ing a tabloid and to me tabloid is tacky in­nu­endo, in­sin­u­a­tion mis­in­ter­pre­ta­tion, mis­in­for­ma­tion you can throw out in­nu­endo, in­sults you can throw it out and the tar­get is ex­pected to do the work to re­fute them,’’ Mr Sin­clair said.

‘‘Don’t let the facts get in the way in terms of per­sonal at­tacks, deroga­tory com­ments, char­ac­ter as­sas­si­na­tions.’’

Mr Sin­clair then read out to the coun­cil all the dates of meet­ings that took place sur­round­ing Maori rep­re­sen­ta­tion from May 2005 to Oc­to­ber 2005.

‘‘Cr Cor­ban,’’ Mr Sin­clair said, ‘‘these were a se­ries of meet­ings you were at.’’

Cr Cor­ban asked Mr Sin­clair if he was re­fer­ring to the meet­ing on Oc­to­ber 12, 2005, to which Mr Sin­clair said: ‘‘ Yes the se­ries of meet­ings at which you were present.’’

‘‘I know you weren’t at the hui, you made it quite clear.’’

Cr Cor­ban asked if she could speak but was de­clined un­til the mayor had fin­ished speak­ing.

‘‘And so all those meet­ings are mat­ter of pub­lic record,’’ Mr Sin­clair said.

‘‘In fact coun­cil again de­cided to go ahead with the sta­tus quo that de­ci­sion was re­ported as the pub­lic be­ing de­nied a voice coun­cil ve­to­ing pub­lic in­put they were wrong.

‘‘I made up a may­oral state­ment which un­for­tu­nately was not printed be­cause where was the proof of the meet­ing.

‘‘ So maybe these let­ters will help.’’

Mr Sin­clair then read out two let­ters from Raukawa kuia Ruthana Beg­bie and Raukawa kau­matua Kau­ni­hera, Hori Deane.

Both were con­cerned that the mayor’s cred­i­bil­ity had been at­tacked and wanted to as­sure peo­ple that there was a hui.

‘‘As chair­man of the Raukawa Kau­matua Kau­ni­hera I can as­sure you that con­sul­ta­tion did oc­cur and the Raukawa Kauma- tua Kau­ni­hera who was rep­re­sented not only just from one per­son but sev­eral in­clud­ing board mem­bers and kau­matua.’’ Mr Deane wrote.

Cr Cor­ban then chal­lenged Mr Sin­clair on points he had raised, ask­ing why he did not an­swer her ques­tions at the last coun­cil meet­ing when she asked.

‘‘Thank you for shar­ing with us those let­ters, would it just have been eas­ier to an­swer my ques­tions in the first place when I asked you in­stead of pussy­foot­ing around it?’’ Cr Cor­ban said.

‘‘Se­condly the meet­ing you are talk­ing about on the 12th of Oc­to­ber 2005, I was di­ag­nosed with breast can­cer I didn’t even go to those hui.

‘‘I went in for an op­er­a­tion and sub­se­quent ra­dio­ther­apy so you got your facts a lit­tle bit wrong there. And as for per­sonal slang­ing matches, you do your fair share as well as ev­ery­body else and no it’s not good, it’s not good for any­body to be do­ing it but don’t you sit there in judg­ment and say that other peo­ple are do­ing this when you are just as guilty and so is Cr Shat­tock.’’

Cr Shat­tock then in­ter­jected: ‘‘ I’d like you to ex­plain what slang­ing I have done please, I don’t know what you are talk­ing about.’’

Cr Cor­ban: ‘‘ You have done a slang­ing match on your ra­dio sta­tion.’’

‘‘Cr Cor­ban be­cause you have brought my name into this can you ex­plain what slang­ing I have done please, what did I say be­cause I didn’t say any­thing,’’ Cr Shat­tock said. ‘‘ Well if it wasn’t you then it was him ( Mr Sin­clair),’’ Cr Cor­ban said

Cr Shat­tock is the gen­eral man­ager of Toko­roa’s Clas­sic Hits.

Cr Shat­tock con­ducts on-air in­ter­views with Mr Sin­clair.

In the in­ter­view broad­cast on Septem­ber 2, 2011 Mr Sin­clair said there was a hui in 2005 and ex­plained Cr Cor­ban’s ab­sence from those hui.

‘‘Lyn Cor­ban was on coun­cil in those days she cer­tainly wasn’t at the hui be­cause she said she wouldn’t go to any coun­cil things at marae so she wouldn’t go to that hui or the one at Pik­itu.’’

Coun­cil needs 745 let­ters of sup­port to run a poll ask­ing peo­ple if they want a Maori seat.

The cost of a poll is es­ti­mated at more than $30,000.

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