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How and why did you get into pol­i­tics?

I trained as a pol­icy plan­ner at univer­sity af­ter my un­der­grad­u­ate sci­ence de­gree and en­joyed un­der­stand­ing the process that pub­lic pol­icy was formed

How do you nor­mally spend your time?

I have been de­vel­op­ing gold mines over the last two years in both the North Is­land and South Is­land, so an eye on pol­i­tics gives a lead into min­ing pol­icy. I am a pro­gres­sive tax­a­tion per­son where the first dol­lar is taxfree, ris­ing up to the mil­lionth dol­lar earned is a lin­ear line to 100 per cent tax, with ev­ery dol­lar af­ter $1 mil­lion taxed at 100 per­cent. This raises 20 per cent of gross do­mes­tic prod­uct.

Why did you choose the to be­come an Independent MP

Independent and vot­ing for the char­ac­ter of the per­son only.

Why are you stand­ing for the Taupo elec­torate? I was in­ter­ested. What do you be­lieve the big is­sues are na­tion­ally? How do you be­lieve your pol- icy this?

Big is­sue is $5 to $20 tril­lion (yes 1000 bil­lion dol­lars is a tril­lion) of Crown min­er­als that New Zealand has on the land (5 per cent) and un­der the sea (95 per cent) recog­nised by the United Na­tions. That is be­tween $1 mil­lion and $5m per man women and child.

Any­thing else you think is im­por­tant? Crown min­er­als may be sold off in as­set sales for 1 per cent of value and leave New Zealan­ders with debt.



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