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KErb-crawl­ing is not nor­mally a prac­tice to be en­cour­aged. But if you are think­ing of buy­ing a house, a slow drive past it is of­ten enough to en­able you to make up your mind.

This means that if you are plan­ning to sell a prop­erty, you should en­sure the prospec­tive buyer’s first im­pres­sion is pos­i­tive.

Street ap­peal is im­por­tant. Even if your home is stun­ning on the in­side, an unim­pres­sive ex­te­rior won’t en­tice pos­si­ble buy­ers in­side.

From a buyer’s point of view, first im­pres­sions count. The as­sump­tion is that, if a house looks good from the out­side, it prob­a­bly looks good in­side, too.

So how do you cre­ate a pre­sentable ex­te­rior, so that you will have that win­ning edge when sell­ing your home?

Start by trim­ming the hedges and trees. Then fix any rot­ten tim­ber in the fence or cracks in ma­sonry walls.

Also en­sure the gate opens eas­ily, is rust free and is firmly on its hinges. A prospec­tive buyer who has to hold the gate up with their foot while they try to open it is not go­ing to be en­cour­aged to ven­ture much fur­ther.

Path­ways should be easy to nav­i­gate and safe. Any ma­jor cracks or un­even­ness should be reme­died, as a bro­ken an­kle does not en­dear a home to a buyer.

If the garage is one of the main fea­tures of the front of the house, it should look as ap­peal­ing as a garage can look. The roller or tilt door, which should be clean, can be made to look less stark through the plac­ing of a planter on both sides of it.

Con­sider wa­terblast­ing the ex­te­rior of the house. A day spent do­ing this can re­veal a paint­work colour that hasn’t been seen for a while.

Although the gar­den should be tidy, there is nor­mally no need to do any ma­jor land­scap­ing work.

Re­move weeds, mow the lawn

Is every­thing. and clip any strag­gling shrubs. Think of the op­er­a­tion as a hair­cut be­fore a job in­ter­view.

The back gar­den is nor­mally an ex­ten­sion of the fam­ily liv­ing room and should be a wel­com­ing and com­fort­able place to be.

Re-seed the lawn where there are bare patches and rem­edy any drainage prob­lems. Paint fences or add a sheet of brush if the fence line is par­tic­u­larly ugly.

You can buy ready-made wo­ven panels of wil­low, which are in­ex­pen­sive to in­stall and blend well with ex­ist­ing gar­den fo­liage. These also make great screens for wash­ing lines.

Tidy the garage and the shed, and make sure any wood piles are neat and cov­ered.

It’s the lit­tle things that count, as they all add up to one thing: A sale.


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