South Waikato News - - ELECTION 2011 -

How and why did you get into pol­i­tics?

I went into pol­i­tics be­cause of out­doors is­sues that have been around for many years re­main­ing un­re­solved and their be­ing very lit­tle will to solve them.

United Fu­ture wishes to be in­volved and raise these is­sues as ma­jor pol­icy. How do you nor­mally spend your time? I am a full-time fish­ing guide and have been for the last 31 years. I also run a num­ber of web­sites such as the Fishn­hunt out­doors fo­rum. Why did you choose United Fu­ture? Be­cause United Fu­ture was look­ing to be in­volved in the is­sues that are im­por­tant to me. I also like many of their other poli­cies such as their in­come shar­ing and flex­i­ble re­tire­ment plans; as well as some of their other ideas such as free health checks.

Why are you stand­ing in the Taupo elec­torate?

It’s the elec­torate where I live and, while the party vote is im­por­tant, it is also equally im­por­tant peo­ple in the Taupo elec­torate are aware of our poli­cies.

What do you be­lieve are the big is­sues na­tion­ally? How do you be­lieve United Fu­ture’s pol­icy can ad­dress these?

Re­tire­ment sav­ings/su­per: Give peo­ple the op­tion of choos­ing to re­ceive New Zealand Su­per­an­nu­a­tion at re­duced rates down to 60 years old, or in­creas­ingly en­hanced rates if they hold off un­til be­tween 66 and 70. Also com­pul­sory Ki­wisaver.

As­set sales: United Fu­ture be­lieves Ki­wibank, Ra­dio New Zealand and the water sup­ply should be ruled out of any fu­ture as­set sales pro­grammes and, with those that are sold, no one can own more than 5 per cent and no more than 49 per cent sold.

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