Puffs and eclairs share fes­tive ac­co­lades

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CREAM puffs and choco­late eclairs, made from choux paste, are easy to make with a food pro­ces­sor.

Cream Puffs and Choco­late Eclairs: For 12 puffs or eclairs:

cup water 60g but­ter, cubed

cup stan­dard flour 2 large eggs Heat the oven to 200 deg Cel­sius (190C fan­bake) with the rack just be­low the mid­dle. Line a bak­ing tray with bak­ing pa­per.

Bring water and but­ter to the boil. Tip in the flour when but­ter melts. Stir briskly with a wooden spoon, lift­ing the pot off the heat as soon as the dough forms a ball that does not stick to the side.

Break the dough ball into three or four spoon­fuls and drop into a food pro­ces­sor. Break in an egg and mix well. Drop an­other egg in and process for 20 to 30 sec­onds.

For cream puffs put spoon­fuls on to bak­ing tray. For choco­late eclairs put mix in a forc­ing bag and pipe sausage shapes on to the tray.

Bake for about 40 min­utes. Lower the tem­per­a­ture if they brown too much af­ter 20 min­utes. Puff walls must be set and should sound hol­low when tapped. If in doubt, take out a puff, let cool then cut it open. If it has un­cooked mix­ture in­side, leave the oth­ers to cook for longer.

When cold, fill puffs or eclairs with sweet­ened whipped cream (flavoured with vanilla and/or finely grated orange rind).

Dust tops of puffs with ic­ing su­gar and ice eclairs with choco­late glaze be­fore or af­ter you fill them. Choco­late glaze: Heat 2 level Tbsp co­coa and cup water in a pan. As this thick­ens and starts to look dry, re­move from the heat. Stir in tsp vanilla essence. Sift 1 cup ic­ing su­gar.

When the pan has cooled so you can touch its bot­tom with your hand, add half the ic­ing su­gar. Mag­i­cally, the dry­ish choco­late mix­ture be­comes thin, dark brown and shiny. Add enough ex­tra ic­ing su­gar to make the ic­ing less runny.

Tilt the pot or pan and dip the top of un­filled eclairs in it (or spoon glaze over). The ic­ing should run a lit­tle. If it runs too far, add more ic­ing su­gar. If it doesn’t run, add water but do not heat the pan.

PUFFED PER­FEC­TION: Cream puffs are a breeze if you have a food pro­ces­sor.

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