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Sneak­ing a peek at chil­dren’s let­ters to Santa is a tra­di­tion – a way to find out what they want for Christ­mas. But a few let­ters to dear old Santa this year have brought a smile and, in some cases a tear, to the eye of even the most bat­tle­hard­ened let­ter opener.

New Zealand Post’s Michael Tull read more than 3500 let­ters and said it was a mov­ing, of­ten hi­lar­i­ous, ex­pe­ri­ence.

‘‘A sense of happy lov­ing fam­i­lies, and pure op­ti­mism and en­thu­si­asm shines through. It proves the old say­ing of learn­ing a lot from our chil­dren,’’ he said.

The spell­ing be­low is as it was writ­ten by the chil­dren.

‘‘I have tried to be good this year but my mum and dad tell me I’m not very good at it.’’

‘‘I am try­ing to be good, but some­times my brain does silly things.’’

‘‘I have been a very naughty girl; how­ever I love gifts.’’

‘‘I have tried very hard to be good this year but I have done some naughty things. I am sorry and am try­ing hard to be good. Please don’t lis­ten to Aunty Vi­vian and still bring me my presents, please. I prom­ise to try to be gooder.’’

‘‘All I want for Christ­mas is my fam­ily to for­give me for all my mis­takes and to have a good time. Oh yeah, please add choclate to that.’’

‘‘Dear Santa, I am 3.5 and I learnt about you last week . . . who knew that you ex­isted and did such good work??!!’’

‘‘I have been pretty good but I spilt my rasp­berry on the new car­pet and mum was NOT HAPPY. I am a good boy. This year I would like the Po­lice lego set that you couldn’t find last year please. I have been be­ing very pa­tient wait­ing a whole year.’’

‘‘Dear santa I am go­ing to do all my wees and poos in the toi­let. can I please have a mon­ster truck for Christ­mas.’’

‘‘I will leave your milk and cook­ies out, if they are not there Dad will have eaten them, don’t leave him a present if he has.’’

‘‘My mummy is writ­ing this for me as I’m 3. I asked for the ground not to shake on Christ­mas day. I have PTSD from the earth­quakes and that’s what I want most. Oh and a new ball the dog ate mine.’’

‘‘Dear Santa, I know I haven’t writ­ten in many years but this year for Christ­mas I would very much like you to make the ground stop shak­ing in Christchurch.’’

‘‘I am a good boy with an an­noy­ing brother so I think I should get some­thing big this year.’’

‘‘This year I’d like a helicopter for Xmas not a toy one but a real one like my Un­cle Karl. If that can’t fit in your sack maybe you could bring me a Thomas the Tank En­gine set. Mum says a wooden one is bet­ter ’cos I’d prob­a­bly break a plas­tic one.’’

‘‘I want a new book for for Christ­mas be­cause I ate most of my books! Mummy says I must be a goat.’’

‘‘For Christ­mas this year I would like a re­mote helicopter, mo­tor­bike or trac­tor. I also would like 400 duck­lings.’’ ‘‘I want Lego and world peace.’’ ‘‘What I would like most of all is a baby sis­ter.’’

‘‘I would like a box so I can make stuff with it.’’

‘‘For Christ­mas my mummy wants a full night’s sleep.’’

‘‘I know there are lots of kids out there that won’t get much this Christ­mas so my big­gest wish is for all those kids to have a happy Christ­mas and for you to give some of my presents to them.’’

‘‘I am 8 years old. I would like a Kat­mandu jacket, wii, cook­ing stuff, a pet fish, lol­lies. One more thing. My older sis­ter would love a boyfriend for Christ­mas. He has to be rich and hot.’’



DEAR SANTA: Thou­sands of chil­dren from around New Zealand have writ­ten let­ters to the big guy.

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