Sweet treats for Christ­mas

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Christ­mas Lime Lam­ing­tons

Sponge cake: 4 eggs Pinch salt

cup each: caster su­gar, flour

cup corn­flour 1 tsp bak­ing pow­der Jelly:

cup lime or le­mon juice 1 cups water 1-2 kaf­fir lime leaves, op­tional

85g packet lime jelly crys­tals

Gar­nish: 1 cup each: des­ic­cated co­conut, cream

Straw­ber­ries rasp­ber­ries

To pre­pare the sponge, pre­heat the oven to 190C. Lightly grease and line a 24cm x 18cm lam­ing­ton pan, en­sur­ing the bak­ing pa­per is about 2cm above the edge of the pan.

Beat the eggs, salt and caster su­gar to­gether, un­til thick and creamy and the su­gar is dis­solved. Gen­tly fold in the sifted flours and bak­ing pow­der.

Pour into the pre­pared pan. Bake for 15 to 20 min­utes or un­til cooked. In­vert the sponge on to a wire rack to cool.

To pre­pare the jelly, com­bine the lime or le­mon juice, water and kaf­fir lime leaves (if us­ing) in a saucepan. Boil for two min­utes. Stir into the jelly crys­tals. Cool and re­frig­er­ate un­til it has reached an egg-white con­sis­tency.

Trim the brown edges from the sponge. Cut the sponge into 4cm x 4cm cubes. Dip each side into the jelly to coat. Gen­tly roll in the des­ic­cated co­conut. Re­frig­er­ate to set.

To serve, split the lam­ing­tons in half and fill with whipped cream. Pile on a serv­ing plate and gar­nish with berries. Serves 6.


Mi­crowave Gluten-free Christ­mas Pud­ding

Sim­ple to make, this pud­ding will keep cov­ered and re­frig­er­ated for sev­eral months.

cup gluten-free bak­ing mix 1 Tbsp dark co­coa 1 tsp ground mixed spice 1 cup gluten-free fresh bread­crumbs 4 Tbsp brown su­gar 21⁄ cups mixed dried fruit (chop any large fruit be­fore mea­sur­ing) 75g but­ter, grated 1 Tbsp each: mar­malade, golden syrup or maple syrup 1 large egg, lightly beaten 3 Tbsp milk 2 Tbsp brandy

Sift the bak­ing mix, co­coa and mixed spice into a bowl. Add the bread­crumbs, brown su­gar, dried fruit, but­ter and mar­malade and mix with a fork. Stir in the re­main­ing ingredients.

Grease a pud­ding bowl suit­able for the mi­crowave. Spoon the mix­ture in and smooth the top. Cover with plas­tic film. Make two slits in the top. Mi­crowave on 75 per cent power for five min­utes. Rest for five min­utes. Cook for a fur­ther two to three min­utes.

Serve with cus­tard or brandy sauce or cool and re­frig­er­ate, cov­ered, un­til ready to use.

To re­heat, driz­zle the top with a lit­tle brandy and re­heat for two to three min­utes. Serves six to eight.

Frozen Christ­mas Pud

cup mixed dried fruit 6 Tbsp brandy

cup al­monds or hazelnuts 2 medium egg whites

cup caster su­gar 11⁄ cups cream Gar­nish: whipped cream, red and green glace cher­ries

Com­bine the dried fruit and brandy and stand for 1 hour. Lightly toast the nuts, then finely chop.

Beat the egg whites, un­til frothy. Grad­u­ally beat in 4 Tbsp of the caster su­gar and con­tinue beat­ing un­til stiff peaks form. Whip the cream lightly and beat in the re­main­ing su­gar.

Com­bine the nuts and dried fruit. Fold the meringue and fruit mix­ture into the whipped cream. Line a 5-cup pud­ding basin with plas­tic film. Spoon in the pud­ding mix­ture. Cover and freeze, un­til firm.

To serve, up­turn onto a serv­ing plate, pipe with whipped cream and dec­o­rate with the glace cher­ries. Serves about 8. Berry Mousse 400g rasp­ber­ries, straw­ber­ries or boy­sen­ber­ries 1 Tbsp pow­dered gela­tine 3 Tbsp each: white su­gar, water 2 egg whites 2 Tbsp caster su­gar 1 cup cream, whipped Pure the berries, un­til smooth. Sieve if pre­ferred. There should be about 11⁄ cups puree.

Com­bine gela­tine with water and white su­gar and dis­solve over hot water or in the mi­crowave for about 20 sec­onds. Add the fruit puree.

Bring to the boil on medium heat then re­move and cool. Chill un­til the mix­ture reaches an egg-white con­sis­tency.

Beat the egg whites to soft peaks, then grad­u­ally beat in the caster su­gar. Fold into the fruit mix­ture with the whipped cream. Spoon into 6-8 dessert bowls or wine glasses. Chill un­til set.

Great served topped with ex­tra berries. Serves 6-8.


CHRIST­MAS DESSERTS: Christ­mas pud­ding is an old fa­vorite.

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