Foot­paths per­ilous for un­wary walk­ers

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I am get­ting rather peeved at the driv­ers who just back out of their drive­ways with­out even both­er­ing to look to see if there is any­one walk­ing on the foot­path ei­ther side of them. Again I had an­other close call. The driver back­ing out of a drive­way, do­ing up the seat belt, not look­ing at all for any­one on the foot­path. Just as well I was awake. I would have been hit, it was that close.

I saw the ve­hi­cle back­ing out and stopped walk­ing.

If a young child had been there, that child would have been run over. No doubt about it.

Even some­one on a mo­bil­ity scooter would have been hit.

My dog and I walk quite a bit. I don’t want ei­ther of us hit.

Come on driv­ers, if you can’t turn around in your yard, try back­ing into your drive­way, es­pe­cially when there’s a fence or hedge on your sides. Then you have a much bet­ter chance of not hit­ting a per­son, or run­ning over a child.

Hope­fully, it won’t hap­pen again. But if it does I shall re­port it to the po­lice. S Petersen

Toko­roa given by Mr Shaw.

As a mat­ter of in­ter­est, plant­ing at the south­ern end of the lake and some around the lake suf­fered the same fate.

There was no dump­ing of con­crete fill there. Who dumped the fill? The coun­cil ei­ther dumped it or gave per­mis­sion for it to be dumped, so it knew it was there. To say it wouldn’t grow is rub­bish, ev­ery­thing else grew. The con­volvu­lus and other weeds grew OK; they cov­ered the plants. That is why they were par­tially mown then sprayed. The peo­ple in­volved were too lazy to ful­fil their con­tract and look af­ter them and they knew they could get away with it, in­deed they made such a good job of de­stroy­ing the lake plant­ing (and oth­ers) they had their con­tract re­newed with­out even hav­ing to ten­der for it.

Once again if there is any blame to be ap­por­tioned it will go to the peo­ple at the bot­tom of the peck­ing or­der and not the peo­ple who earn the big salaries for shoul­der­ing re­spon­si­bil­i­ties.

This time it’s the Community Max scheme.

How can we have any faith in a coun­cil that will not ad­mit its mis­takes and if mis­takes were made, it’s some­one else’s fault?

How can we as a community work with a coun­cil we can’t trust?

We are fed up as ratepay­ers just pay­ing the bills; we want value for money. If pri­vate sec­tor peo­ple pro­duced the shoddy work and ser­vices we have to en­dure they would be down the road sharpish.

Come on South Waikato Dis­trict Coun­cil, stop giv­ing ratepay­ers the fin­gers.

(Edited) R Free­man


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