Trees make win­ter mis­ery

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A by­law for sun­light is needed in Toko­roa so that tall trees do not shade the prop­er­ties in win­ter.

To clean up the air in Toko­roa the coun­cil must look at all op­tions.

If I have a noise prob­lem I phone the coun­cil and a per­son will take away of­fend­ing equip­ment.

If as a res­i­dent I have a dog prob­lem the coun­cil will come and re­move a dog break­ing by­laws.

If I find smoke bel­low­ing from an un­per­mit­ted fired then the coun­cil will come and close that fire down.

But if I am cold and shaded by an over­grown tree planted in 1965 in Toko­roa, 30m high (lamp post 12m), in win­ter the coun­cil can­not ad­dress the land owner with a by­law. Why?

These trees are past their useby date. Not to act is the height of coun­cil dark­ness and cold­ness to the community. B Zwart Toko­roa 1980s and 90s – our pop­u­la­tion de­creased and our age­ing in­creased.

Coal dis­ap­peared, wood still pre­vailed but with the ev­er­grow­ing age of the gen­eral pub­lic and the un­avail­abil­ity of wood, heat pumps came into be­ing and I won­der now at the ra­tio of heat pumps to wood fires.

To say wood fires are detri­men­tal to our way of life is quite ridicu­lous.

Per­haps the mem­bers could con­sult the doc­tors in Toko­roa; they may even tell you the wood smoke here does not cause the ill­nesses we have, but maybe they are a re­sult of ge­net­ics and even self in­flic­tion by way of bad diet prac­tices.

As pen­sion­ers we would find it ex­tremely hard to re­verse our heat­ing sit­u­a­tion. We have planned our life and as­sets to cover our old age and we do not need nor can af­ford (to ex­tend our bud­get) no mat­ter how much you pretty it up with a small grant. Why should we go into debt at our age.

We have a 30-year-old Juno wood fire which re­port­edly burns the par­ti­cles out of its own smoke – it has been well main­tained and nat­u­rally we burn dry fire­wood. Are we to be pun­ished be­cause some peo­ple don’t?

How is it you ex­pect all of New Zealand to have vir­tu­ally the same per­cent­age of so-called clean air when it is ob­vi­ous that the cities would greatly sur­pass.

Please com­mon sense pre­vail in­stead of try­ing to outdo any other coun­cil in a race for clean air. L Whale Toko­roa

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