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In re­sponse to the mayor and deputy mayor’s mir­ror let­ters, one would won­der how long it took them to write it or was it just the deputy mayor’s work al­most word for word.

Let me tell you good peo­ple out there, I did not vote for the late Cr Her­lihy’s re­place­ment as I was on sick leave from both work and the coun­cil.

I did not know that I would be re­ceiv­ing this money un­til it was put in the agenda and on that note it was my un­der­stand­ing that it should have just stayed in the pool.

When I made my state­ment not to re­ceive any share, Cr Shat­tock had to cup her hand over her mouth to sti­fle laugh­ter as she thought it was so funny, no re­spect there.

The mayor of­fered me an in­vi­ta­tion pub­licly. Well, a pity he doesn’t do that at any other time; the only time he both­ers to con­tact me is when a let­ter is slith­ered into my let­ter­box un­der the cover of dark­ness on plain pa­per. To­tal rub­bish and that’s where it went.

Cr Shat­tock has a prob­lem with her cal­cu­la­tions; I chal­lenge her to name the year, month and day that I ever had the mis­for­tune to par­take in a glass of wine with her.

I chose to sup­ply my own lunch/drinks/so­cial as a way of cut­ting ex­penses as I am un­able to at­tend most work­shops be­cause of work com­mit­ments.

The fact that Cr Shat­tock feels ag­grieved is that she has to work so hard be­cause her mayor has put her on ev­ery com­mit­tee. That’s not my fault that he has de­cided to send me to Coven­try for dar­ing to chal­lenge him and not put me on any other than as­sets/en­vi­ron­ment/grants.

I guess the fact that elec­tion year is fast ap­proach­ing there’s a bit of straw-clutch­ing go­ing on. Tut-tut.

Happy New Year to all you avid read­ers. Cr Lyn Cor­ban


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