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I would like to com­mend the stu­dents (in their brightly coloured shirts) and New World for the great ser­vice they pro­vided cus­tomers just be­fore Christ­mas – car­ry­ing bags and as­sist­ing cus­tomers; at such a stress­ful time for many the help th­ese guys and gals pro­vided I am sure was ap­pre­ci­ated by many. Thanks to you all. C Grif­fin Toko­roa

To hang out so much dirty wash­ing re­gard­ing Coun­cil­lor Cor­ban in the lo­cal pa­per when it should have been con­fined to the meet­ing min­utes is dis­gust­ing in my view.

He also con­fuses fact and fic­tion with his open-door [and] open-phone­line pol­icy.

Not six months ago I had oc­ca­sion to con­tact the mayor over a small mat­ter some­what dear to my heart; a small his­tor­i­cal standby elec­tric gen­er­a­tor that used to power the Pu­taruru Bor­ough Coun­cil’s water pumps should nor­mal sup­ply be lost [late 1920s and 30s].

Four phone calls di­rect to the mayor (at least one call to his cell­phone) dur­ing a two-week pe­riod cul­mi­nated in a sin­gle phone mes­sage to me claim­ing he had re­ceived my mes­sage some five min­utes be­fore at­tempt­ing to ring, which was para­mount to say­ing his ad­min staff were use­less, and di­rect­ing me to a coun­cil staff mem­ber. So much for the ‘‘facts’’ in your open-door pol­icy. boss.

Now at this time the word was out that the Coun­cil were/are/could be plan­ning a civil de­fence emer­gency cen­tre for Pu­taruru and this gen­er­a­tor was way bet­ter than a his­toric relic of the past, a work­ing model maybe?

I rang the said coun­cil em­ployee only to be told that the coun­cil had a num­ber of por­ta­ble gen­er­a­tors at Toko­roa that could be used in such a civil de­fence emer­gency!

What with the roads out and bridges col­lapsed and Pu­taruru com­pletely cut off. HELLO, is there any­one out there? I have bet­ter things to do with my time than wast­ing it phon­ing the coun­cil for good­ness sake.

The re­dis­tri­bu­tion of Cr Her­lihy’s salary is a disgrace and ex­tremely short­sighted by coun­cil in my view, no mat­ter which way the mayor may try to jus­tify it, I sim­ply don’t care.

To at­tract and re­tain coun­cil­lors of worth to such a heart­less and thank­less task is very dif­fi­cult and monies should have been di­rected to that end.

The RAL fi­asco – as Mr Law­ton puts it – I’m pleased to be in­formed that mea­sures have al­ready been put in place to pre­vent a re­peat, but this is but part of my re­quest. Should the said re-trial not suc­ceed, please don’t come back to the ratepayer and ex­pect them to pay.

This is no mis­take of ratepay­ers and I do not care that the amount of bit­ing and yap­ping at the heals of coun­cil staff was done by the mayor on the day as sug­gested by Mr Law­ton, and we all know now how ex­pen­sive dog bites be­come to this coun­cil.

I re­peat my re­quest that all staff in­volved should pay by way of re­duced perks and priv­i­leges if in­deed they re­tain their job, un­til the said bill is paid. G Ed­meades.

Pu­taruru she has to say.

It would seem, though, that she is present at less than 50 per cent of th­ese meet­ings, so I may need to de­vise some sort of sys­tem to find out out if she is go­ing to be at­tend­ing.

If for one rea­son or an­other she is un­able to at­tend more than half of th­ese coun­cil meet­ings, she should re­sign as your cor­re­spon­dent, F Law­ton, rightly sug­gests.

By not at­tend­ing reg­u­larly, Cr Cor­ban is not do­ing her job prop­erly, she is not rep­re­sent­ing the ratepay­ers as she should, she is not earn­ing that money she is paid and she is at best a part-time coun­cil­lor.

D Blair Toko­roa

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