Time­less games still pop­u­lar with chil­dren

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Egg and Spoon Race

If you have a few eggs you need to get rid of, have your kids play this game. Di­vide the group of chil­dren equally into teams of two or more play­ers. Give each team a spoon and an egg. For less messy re­sults, hard-boil the eggs first. As­sem­ble the teams be­hind a start line and set up a fin­ish line the kids all have to cross. On the count of three, the first player in each team has to run to the fin­ish­ing point while balancing the eggs on the spoon. Af­ter cross­ing the fin­ish line they have to rush back to the start and hand over their spoons to the next play­ers in line. If any­one hap­pens to drop an egg, they have to go back to the start and be­gin their turn again. The first team to have all of its play­ers fin­ish wins the game. Sar­dines Sar­dines is a twist on the game, Hide and Seek. Start by pick­ing one child to leave the group and find a hid­ing spot. Af­ter the rest of the group has counted to 100 they all sep­a­rate to find the per­son who went into hid­ing. When some­one finds the one hid­ing they join them. This con­tin­ues un­til all the play­ers ex­cept one – the loser –-find the miss­ing per­son. The loser be­comes the new miss­ing per­son. Bal­loon Toss Fill some water bal­loons with water and set up your teams. There should be two mem­bers on each team and each team should get one bal­loon.

Stand ev­ery­one in two par­al­lel lines with team mem­bers fac­ing each other. Hand the water bal­loons from one team mem­ber to the other. Ev­ery­body then takes one step back­ward, away from each other and re­peats the hand-off.

Ev­ery time the bal­loon is passed with­out drop­ping, team mem­bers take one step away from each other. Soon they will have to toss it to each other. If a bal­loon hits the ground and breaks, that team is dis­qual­i­fied.

The last team stand­ing wins.


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