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6pm kick-off F1: Thun­der­birds v Tsunami (Rock Park Ath­letic) F2: Real Barca v The Hack­ers (Dark­side) F3: Razzmatazz v WTF (Hy­dro’s) F4: The Karz v Turbo’s (TRT) F5: KGB v Box Shot (Qu­a­tros) F6: Some­thing v Sammy (886 Strik­ers) F7: Fire n Ice v FarQues (French Toast Mafia) F8: Yea Nah v All Stars (Scan­dalous) F10: Am­is­field v Dads Army (St­in­gletz) 6.50pm kick-off F1: Smurfs v Rock Park Ath­letic (Tsunami) F2: Sting v Dark­side (The Hack­ers) F3: Hy­dro’s v Nek Min­nit (WTF) F4: Wanna Be’s v TRT (The Karz) F5: Qu­a­tros v Shiz­zle Thun­dah (KGB) F6: 886 Strik­ers v Cavies (Some­thing) F7: Scan­dalous v French Toast Mafia (Fire n Ice) F10: St­in­gletz v Am­is­field (Dads Army) Bye: Cheezels

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