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I re­fer to F Dou­glas’ let­ter ( South Waikato News, May 29).

The Bi­ble is a col­lec­tion of dif­fer­ent books writ­ten by dif­fer­ent peo­ple dur­ing some 1400 years.

It com­prises law, his­tory (per­sonal and national), po­etry, prophecy and let­ters.

The Bi­ble was writ­ten at a dif­fer­ent time, place, peo­ples and cul­ture.

It con­tains gen­eral, cer­e­mo­nial and hy­giene laws. Some laws are spe­cific to an area or peo­ple and cul­ture and may have limited ap­pli­ca­tion. Other laws may have gen­eral ap­pli­ca­tion for all time.

There­fore, when tak­ing a verse out of the Bi­ble, we must know its back­ground: to whom was that verse ad­dressed; for what pur­pose; does it have to be un­der­stood in the cul­tural con­text; does it have other ge­o­graph­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion as well; was the law to ap­ply for all time?

There­fore, it is in­cor­rect to pluck a verse out of the Bi­ble with­out be­ing aware of its back­ground. Some­one once wrote ‘‘A text out of con­text is a pre­text’’.

B Steven’s quote re­lat­ing to same-sex ‘‘mar­riage’’ was to have gen­eral ap­pli­ca­tion.

This is be­cause God (or macroevo­lu­tion as athe­ists be­lieve) made hu­mans as male and fe­male dif­fer­ently – anatom­i­cally, bi­o­log­i­cally, hor­mon­ally and emo­tion­ally. This is the sit­u­a­tion for all ages.

The trim­ming of hair was to keep the Is­raelites from im­i­tat­ing the pa­gan prac­tices of their neigh­bours: Lev. 19:27.

The word ‘‘slaves’’ in the Bi­ble is not what we un­der­stand it to mean to­day: Exod. 21:7. They were bonded ser­vants.

F Dou­glas could check the rest him­self.

J Fong Pu­taruru

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