Is that noise nor­mal?

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South Waikato News - - SPORT - By MIKE HOL­SWICH

We don’t al­ways pay at­ten­tion to a new rat­tle, click or clunk com­ing from some­where in our pre­cious car. The fol­low­ing may help in de­ter­min­ing just what is nor­mal or what may re­quire ur­gent at­ten­tion by your friendly au­to­mo­tive me­chanic. What’s that dash­board creak?

The dash is pri­mar­ily in plas­tic. Plas­tic ex­pands in the sun­light and con­tracts at night. There­fore on a cold, dark evening the dash­board creak that an­noyed you so much dur­ing the day might mys­te­ri­ously dis­ap­pear. This is a ‘‘nor­mal’’ sound – an­noy­ing but nor­mal. What about that tyre roar?

A con­stant drone from the four cor­ners of the car is nor­mal road noise. You can buy qui­eter tyre brands. What if the noise is not tyres?

If the drone you are hear­ing is com­ing from just one cor­ner of the car, it is highly likely you may have a fail­ing wheel bear­ing. If the noise has de­vel­oped slowly and the in­ten­sity in­creases or de­creases when de­vi­at­ing from driv­ing a straight line, seek pro­fes­sional ad­vice im­me­di­ately. But then again . . .

A faint thump­ing from one par­tic­u­lar cor­ner of the car usu­ally in­di­cates a tyre fault and ur­gent ac­tion is def­i­nitely ad­vised.

Mike Hol­swich

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