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Part Six: I can’t be­cause I can’t get past my ‘‘I can’t...’’?

It can hap­pen to any of us. We could have been us­ing these rea­sons and ex­cuses to stop us from mov­ing for­ward, since we were chil­dren.

They can be quite built-in to our sys­tem by the time we are adults so don’t beat yourself up if the ex­cuse has a good hold on you!

Have you heard the say­ing ‘‘Imag­ine, what you think, you cre­ate. What you feel, you at­tract’’? (Adele Basheev)

If you want to move for­ward, learn to un­der­stand your ‘‘I can’t’’.

Take a good look and see if there is any truth in it, or is it just some­thing some­one said once, and you now be­lieve it?

It’s time to re­visit those thoughts.

Some facts can’t be avoided, but they can be worked around.

‘‘I’m too young to join the forces’’ may mean that you change the date un­til 2 years’ time, so plan for that.

‘‘I’m too young to be a pop star’’ may be stop­ping you from writ­ing a hit, but we all know that this is an ‘ex­cuse’ be­cause we cel­e­brate Lorde’s suc­cess.

Sep­a­rate the facts from the ex­cuses.

Get to un­der­stand yourself. Change the way you think be­cause what you are think­ing af­fects what you cre­ate.

Some people LIKE to be able to moan about what didn’t hap­pen. Do you know any­one like that? Mis­ery loves com­pany. Do you recog­nise a group of people who get to­gether and talk about dra­mas and what didn’t hap­pen?

If you are sur­rounded by this, it may be af­fect­ing your abil­ity to make things hap­pen in your life.

You don’t have to get rid of these people, but you may find it eas­ier to spend less time around them when you are fo­cused on achiev­ing some­thing.

Set yourself up to win. What you feel, you at­tract.

For a time, you may need to seek out and spend time with people who sup­port you in your goals, and if there are no people, find role mod­els, quotes, books, song lyrics, your spir­i­tual self, any­thing that gives you the sup­port you need to get where you want to go.

Do you want that goal enough?

This ex­er­cise alone, will teach you a lot about what makes you tick. We are all dif­fer­ent! It will al­low you to strip yourself back to your real truth, not the lies that the world around us might have us be­lieve. Who you re­ally are. What you re­ally want in this life­time.

What can stop you.

If you think about it be­ing an ex­er­cise in learn­ing about yourself, it is a fan­tas­tic learn­ing curve and one that I highly rec­om­mend if you want to do great things in this life­time.

Many people go through life moan­ing, mak­ing ex­cuses, and never get­ting any­where fast.

They set­tle for their lot in life. They may never have seen these tools (or the many oth­ers) – but you have.

They may never take a good look in­side them­selves and learn about them­selves – but you are.

It is very im­por­tant to be kind to yourself, while you learn about yourself.

None of us are per­fect. We all have to work with what we’ve got and we have to know what we’ve got, in or­der to use it prop­erly.

You are cur­rently writ­ing your user man­ual!

Next time: How to mo­ti­vate my­self

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