Toi­let clo­sure short-sighted move

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It is hard some­times to jus­tify to people out­side this area why it would be a good idea to visit Toko­roa, and we are con­stantly try­ing. By visit I mean more than to use the pub­lic toi­lets in Leith place, and with the ladies only toi­lets in Bon­aly St closed by the district coun­cil, shop­ping in the town for the lo­cal spenders (ladies) has taken an­other turn for the worse should they need such a fa­cil­ity in a hurry.

Lo­cal people need to be con­sid­ered first and fore­most, and pub­lic toi­lets are nec­es­sary. I sug­gest that Mr C Hobbs (our district’s chief ex­ec­u­tive) re­ally ac­quaint him­self with the toi­let fa­cil­i­ties he has ad­vo­cated as al­ter­na­tives to those in Bon­aly St. I sug­gest he (and wife or part­ner) wait un­til they re­ally need to go and a bus full of people pulls up out­side the in­for­ma­tion cen­tre.

The in­san­ity of the sug­ges­tions made, de­fies be­lief and cer­tainly makes me won­der about the type of people who run our district and where they get their in­for­ma­tion from. If I had worked in one place for 30 years, surely I would be the ‘‘go to’’ per­son to find out how many uses a day that fa­cil­ity had.

Just be­cause we older folk have not the en­ergy we once had does not mean the brains have dimmed nor has the abil­ity to vi­su­alise/ see the dam­age to our so­ci­ety some coun­cil de­ci­sions will/ can make. Just in case any of the read­ers get taken short there are new toi­let fa­cil­i­ties in Pu­taruru and at Ara­puni, all in our district.

We have been told the Leith Place toi­lets are to be up­graded; surely the clos­ing of the Bon­aly St toi­lets could have been left un­til the up­grades were com­pleted.

J C Sim­cock, Toko­roa camps were around Ka­ian­garoa. Num­ber 8 was near Commons Hill, Waotu and Num­ber 9 was at Pinedale.

Bruce Snowsill, Toko­roa our deeply flawed elec­toral sys­tem but the Maori seats as well.

De­nis Shuker, Cam­bridge

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