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The po­lit­i­cal shack-up of ‘‘in­con­ve­nient con­ve­nience’’ be­tween the Mana and In­ter­net Par­ties is a left-of-cen­tre po­lit­i­cal mas­ter­stroke, a ma­noeu­vre that Sun Tsu, The Art of War au­thor, would be proud of.

Sun Tsu wrote that ‘‘the op­por­tu­nity of de­feat­ing the en­emy is pro­vided by the en­emy him­self’’.

For months, the Na­tional Party has re­mained cata­ton­i­cally static re­gard­ing form­ing mean­ing­ful al­liances with other right-of­cen­tre-par­ties, ap­par­ently aloof to the now well-tele­graphed flank­ing move­ment against them.

How­ever, such elec­toral com­pla­cency would now ap­pear to have reached it’s use-by date and with about 100 days to go be­fore elec­tion day, it seems the Na­tional Party now have a crit­i­cally im­por­tant phone call to make.

Na­tional bet­ter hope that the Con­ser­va­tive Party of New Zealand has not set its phone to ‘‘block caller’’ be­cause as Sun Tsu says, ‘‘Quick­ness is the essence of the war’’.

The Na­tional Party, like it or not, are now in a war and al­lies are in very short sup­ply. Steve Tay­lor


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