‘No bias’ found in Dell’s non-se­lec­tion


Toko­roa’s cham­pion sprinter Monique Dell has had her Com­mon­wealth Games ap­peal re­jected.

The Sports Tri­bunal of New Zealand re­jected Dell’s non­s­e­lec­tion ap­peal and she will take no part in Glas­gow 2014.

Ear­lier this month Fair­fax Me­dia re­vealed Dell’s hus­band, Graeme Dell, who is the deputy chef de mis­sion of Eng­land’s Com­mon­wealth Games team, was fronting the ap­peal and tak­ing the New Zealand Olympic Com­mit­tee to the Sports Tri­bunal.

Dell , New Zealand’s most suc­cess­ful fe­male sprinter, was con­di­tion­ally nom­i­nated for se­lec­tion by Ath­let­ics New Zealand for the women’s 4x400m re­lay team.

How­ever, she failed to meet the re­quire­ment of run­ning a 54-sec­ond stan­dard by a June 30 dead­line, prompt­ing the NZOC to se­lect Kristie Bail­lie for the re­lay team in­stead.

Doc­u­ments re­leased by the Sports Tri­bunal de­clared ar­gu­ments that Dell had ex­pe­ri­enced prej­u­diced, that the per­for­mance stan­dard was un­rea­son­able and the process was bi­ased, had all been re­jected.

The tri­bunal ruled both Ath­let­ics NZ and the NZOC had acted ap­pro­pri­ately and Ath­let­ics NZ se­lec­tion con­vener, Gra­ham Seat­ter, ‘‘ could not have been more trans­par­ent’’ in ad­vis­ing the terms of Dell’s con­di­tional se­lec­tion.

‘‘It was not un­til af­ter Dell ran a time of 58.68 sec­onds on 14 June that any ques­tion was raised about the im­po­si­tion of the re­quire­ment,’’ the tri­bunal re­port stated.

‘‘In the tri­bunal’s view Bail­lie was cor­rectly nom­i­nated and se­lected as first re­serve, then by Ms Dell’s non- se­lec­tion, cor­rectly se­lected as the sixth mem­ber of the re­lay team.

‘‘Again in the tri­bunal’s view there was no bias in Ms Bail­lie’s se­lec­tion, in­deed her ini­tial se­lec­tion as first re­serve and the ad­vice to Ms Dell in Mr Seat­ter’s email of 4 June could not have been more trans­par­ent.

‘‘For those rea­sons the tri­bunal is sat­is­fied that Ms Dell has not been prej­u­diced by the pro­cesses fol­lowed and de­ci­sions made by Ath­let­ics NZ and the NZOC which in fact al­lowed her an ex­ten­sion of time to prove her fit­ness and that Ms Dell’s ap­peal against her non- se­lec­tion ac­cord­ingly does not suc­ceed.’’

How­ever, the Sports Tri­bunal’s re­port did crit­i­cise the NZOC for in­cor­rect in­ter­pre­ta­tions of the nom­i­na­tion cri­te­ria, sug­gest­ing they could have pre­vented much of the sit­u­a­tion from ever reach­ing the tri­bunal.

The tri­bunal de­clared the NZOC had been given a ‘‘les­son for the fu­ture’’.

‘‘[ The] NZOC left it to Mr Seat­ter to com­mu­ni­cate with Ms Dell. Much that was ar­gued be­fore the tri­bunal would not have been in de­bate had NZOC pro­vided that writ­ten ad­vice. That is a les­son for the fu­ture,’’ the re­port stated.

NON-STARTER: Monique Dell has had her Com­mon­wealth Games ap­peal re­jected.

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