Warn­ing fol­lows vi­cious dog killing

Don’t let an­i­mals roam

South Waikato News - - NEWS / OPINION - By PET­RICE TAR­RANT

Kerry Beck­ett hopes the death of Jimmy Bonez will stand as a warn­ing to dog own­ers who al­low their an­i­mals to roam at night.

Jimmy, an 8-year-old pit­bull whose bark was louder than his bite, was found dead af­ter al­legedly be­ing dragged across the con­crete and pinned to the ground with a gar­den uten­sil.

Owner Ca­role Mar­tis woke as usual on the morn­ing of July 24 to make sure her son was awake.

‘‘He was al­ready awake, he was cry­ing on his bed.’’

She said he had seen Jimmy ly­ing on the front yard and called to him.

When he didn’t re­spond he knew he was dead, Mar­tis said.

At first Mar­tis thought their red- nosed fam­ily mem­ber had been hit by a car and placed on the front yard.

‘‘It was my son who no­ticed he had been pinned down with a gar­den im­ple­ment . . . We think that he had been en­ticed with food and then bashed around the head be­cause he had blood com­ing out of his nose.’’

The in­ci­dent has left the whole fam­ily feel­ing vi­o­lated and ner­vous.

‘‘ That’s what I’m scared of, they’ve killed my dog, are they go­ing to come back and bur­gle us?’’

Se­nior an­i­mal con­trol of­fi­cer Beck­ett said it was ‘‘atro­cious’’.

She said the dog had clearly been dragged along the con­crete by his back legs as his paws were all ripped up.

In her 20 years work­ing in an­i­mal con­trol she said she has seen very few cases such as this.

‘‘But then I think that it goes on more than we know and the own­ers just don’t know what hap­pened to their dog.’’

Mar­tis said they had al­ready buried Jimmy when they phoned an­i­mal con­trol about another is­sue and it wasn’t un­til then that they re­alised an­i­mal con­trol would be in­ter­ested.

Beck­ett said no dog should go through what Jimmy did but she said it needs to be a les­son to all own­ers.

‘‘Keep your dogs on your prop­erty is the big­gest thing . . . Know where your dogs are at all times so some­one can’t get hold of it and do some­thing like this.’’

She said it is not an­i­mal con­trol that own­ers need to be afraid of.

‘‘Peo­ple al­low dogs to roam at night be­cause we aren’t on the streets but these things hap­pen then.’’

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