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Would you risk your life to save some­one else?

Ai­dan Hape did just that last week when he dragged his neigh­bour from his burn­ing garage.

It was a heroic move and got me think­ing- would I risk my own life to save an­other?

I would like to think that I would.

But it’s not al­ways that easy. As a mother of two I have other peo­ple I have to think about as well.

Would my ac­tions leave them with­out a mother?

I guess none of us can ever truly an­swer whether we’d do it or not un­til we are there in the mo­ment.

Luck­ily, last week, Ai­dan was there to help.

He just sprinted in there and grabbed his neigh­bour.

there was no time to think of the con­se­quences - and I guess that’s what hap­pens in those times.

You just act on in­stinct and hu­man na­ture kicks in

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