How do New Zealand used car prices com­pare?

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Want to buy a used Holden Ba­rina? They’re cheaper in New Zealand than Aus­tralia, but not as in­ex­pen­sive as in USA. And as for Sin­ga­pore - just don’t go there.

Not only that, but our used Toy­ota Hilux utes are among the world’s most ex­pen­sive, while our used hy­brids are among the least ex­pen­sive.

All this in­for­ma­tion is con­tained in a fas­ci­nat­ing study of the prices of sec­ond­hand cars around the world, con­ducted by the Europe-based global on­line used car deal­er­ship Car­spring.

The study has looked at 10 dif­fer­ent ve­hi­cle types in­clud­ing small hatch­backs, lux­ury SUVS, hy­brids and utes, and com­pared the av­er­age prices of mod­els with sim­i­lar odome­ter read­ings in 40 dif­fer­ent coun­tries.

"The fluc­tu­at­ing value of used cars around the world has al­ways mys­ti­fied buy­ers and ex­perts alike," says Car­spring’s co-founder Max­i­m­il­ian Vol­len­broich. "So we took it upon our­selves to make the com­pli­cated sim­ple, and present a snap­shot of the cur­rent global value of used cars."

The 10 se­lected cars were the Holden Ba­rina (or its equiv­a­lent in other mar­kets), Re­nault Me­gane, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Fi­esta, Volk­swa­gen Golf, Fiat 500, Land Rover Evoque, Mercedes­benz C180, Toy­ota Hilux, and Toy­ota Prius.

The 40 coun­tries re­searched in­cluded the ma­jor­ity of the largest car pro­duc­ing na­tions, plus other coun­tries of au­to­mo­tive in­ter­est such as New Zealand.

Where no di­rect model com­par­i­sion was avail­able be­tween na­tions, the study used com­pa­ra­ble global ve­hi­cles per brand and se­lected mod­els with sim­i­lar en­gines and mileages.

The study then re­searched hun­dreds of on­line out­lets and "brick and mor­tar" re­tail­ers in five of the big­gest cities in each of the 40 coun­tries, to find the se­lected used cars cur­rently avail­able, plus those sold in the past 12 months.

The study has found that USA is the most af­ford­able coun­try in the world to buy a used ve­hi­cle, fol­lowed by United King­dom and Rus­sia.

New Zealand is in 19th place, just be­hind Aus­tralia.

So here are the av­er­age prices for the se­lected used cars in New Zealand, com­pared to prices in USA, Aus­tralia and Sin­ga­pore (all in New Zealand dol­lars).

Holden Ba­rina: $10,527 (8th most af­ford­able of coun­tries sur­veyed), USA $9442, Aus­tralia $11,785, Sin­ga­pore $37,142.

Re­nault Me­gane: $15,313 (19th), not sold in USA, Aus­tralia $12,915, Sin­ga­pore $105,069.

Hyundai Elantra: $20,107 (34th), USA $13,228, Aus­tralia $16,383, Sin­ga­pore $67,007.

Ford Fi­esta: $13,411 (17th), USA $15,243, Aus­tralia $11,922, Sin­ga­pore $53,475.

Volk­swa­gen Golf: $16,285 (6th), USA $14,381, Aus­tralia $19,372, Sin­ga­pore $83,281.

Fiat 500: $11,494 (11th), USA $8425, Aus­tralia $15,094, Sin­ga­pore $59,286.

Land Rover Evoque: $53,598 (20th), USA $47,211, Aus­tralia $52,555, Sin­ga­pore $143,397.

Mercedes-benz C180: $29,696 (11th), USA $26,874, Aus­tralia $35,636, Sin­ga­pore $75,515.

Toy­ota Hilux: $41,182 (34th), USA $23,968, Aus­tralia $32,287, Sin­ga­pore $75,515.

Toy­ota Prius: $24,897 (8th), USA $25,857, Aus­tralia $25,653, Sin­ga­pore $86,918.

Used Holden Bari­nas are among the cheap­est in the world in New Zealand.

But used Toy­ota Hilux utes are among the most ex­pen­sive.

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