Old Man’s Beard must go

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op­posed to smooth.

Na­tives are ev­er­green but ‘‘the old man’’ loses his leaves in winter.

When it comes to tack­ling this pest plant, re­mem­ber the ads: ‘‘Old Man’s Beard must go. A trim is not enough!’’

Cut the main stems as close to the ground as pos­si­ble. Paint the stumps with her­bi­cide.

Leave cut hang­ing vines in the tree un­til they die be­fore pulling out – that will en­sure less chance of re-sprout­ing or dam­age to the tree be­neath.

Small seedlings can be pulled out by hand.

Check each spring for re­growth and new seedlings.

If you’re look­ing for a re­place­ment op­tion, then al­ter­na­tives to plant are na­tive clema­tis. The C.pan­ic­u­lata is a hardy climber with large white flow­ers.

C.marata scram­bles through shrubs with small yel­low flow­ers. C.foetida has strong lemon­scented flow­ers, while the na­tive jas­mine Par­son­sia ca­pu­laris is also lovely.

The biose­cu­rity team at Waikato Re­gional Coun­cil needs to know where this nasty pest is so if you see this weed on your prop­erty call 0800 BIOSEC (0800 246 732) to re­port them to your lo­cal biose­cu­rity pest plant of­fi­cer.

Go to www.waika­tore­gion.govt.nz/old­mans-beard/ for more con­trol in­for­ma­tion.

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