Fully kit­ted-up Q2 only for the very suc­cess­ful

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Small SUV is a pol­ished act all-round. But keep the cal­cu­la­tor on hand when or­der­ing, says

pre­mium price. The ex­te­rior styling is in­trigu­ing and the in­te­rior reeks of Ger­man qual­ity. Audi isn’t quite as over-the-top with its in­te­rior ma­te­ri­als as it used to be, but the Q2 has as much touchy-feely stuff in­side as the larger, more ex­pen­sive A4.

And some of those op­tions are pretty cool. The Vir­tual Cock­pit gives you a dig­i­tal in­stru­ment panel that be con­fig­ured in dif­fer­ent views, in­clud­ing one that min­imises the tra­di­tional stuff (speed/revs) and al­lo­cates the ma­jor­ity of the dis­play area to the sat-nav map. Love it.

The Q2 is largely re­spon­si­ble for tip­ping Audi NZ’S over­all sales in favour of SUVS - from 45 per cent of its vol­ume last year to 53 year-to-date April. It’s an im­por­tant ve­hi­cle.

You don’t have to spend the re­ally big bucks, of course. Opt for a show­room-stan­dard Q2 and you still get the cheer­ful per­for­mance and high-qual­ity cabin. But such a car will prob­a­bly be a very rare sight.

Fully dressed-up Q2 looks pretty strik­ing. But then it can also be very ex­pen­sive: this one is nudg­ing $70k.

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