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It seems pretty straight­for­ward re­ally - if you want to take wa­ter and bot­tle it then you should pay for it.

The is­sue has raised its head again last week with NZ Pure Blue Ltd ask­ing to take al­most 7mil­lion litres a day of Blue Springs wa­ter.

They want to bot­tle it and send it over­seas and make money out of it.

Most of us take wa­ter for granted - it is usu­ally freely avail­able and is of­ten used for com­mer­cial gain. Our coun­try is fu­elled by free wa­ter.

Farm­ers do it all the time with the wa­ter from the sky and the rivers and un­der the ground.

If you are trad­ing on the rep­u­ta­tion of a par­tic­u­lar spot though, I think it is slightly dif­fer­ent. There should be some com­pul­sion - le­gal or just good busi­ness - to look af­ter and pro­tect the as­set you are trad­ing on.

Our area needs jobs and new busi­nesses and a rep­u­ta­tion for clean wa­ter. All those things need to be pro­tected.

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