El­derly Tok’ driver ripped off

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Stranger danger will be at the fore­front of an el­derly Toko­roa man’s mind next time some­one asks him for a lift.

Owen Chivers, who is in his 80s, says he has been taken ad­van­tage of by two young woman who waved his car down amid pour­ing rain.

‘‘I was driv­ing down Baird Rd when I saw these two girls, around 18 or 20 years old, on the foot­path wav­ing for me to stop,’’ he said.

‘‘The big­ger one got in the front and the smaller one in the back and the big­ger one said ‘‘can you take us to town, we are go­ing shop­ping?’’. It was rain­ing so out of the good­ness of my heart I said all right.’’

Chivers said he soon be­came un­com­fort­able with their be­hav­iour.

‘‘They wanted to go to Pa­per Plus to see about a driver’s li­cense and un­be­known to me took the en­ve­lope I keep in my car with my Lotto tick­ets in,’’ he said.

‘‘I think she went to see if she could get any money be­cause when she came back she said I didn’t win any­thing. I check them any­way so I don’t think I had but I said ‘‘what did you do that for? You had no right’’.

‘‘I swore at them and told them to get out of my car which they re­fused to do,’’ he said.

He said he didn’t feel he could go to the po­lice as he feared the girls would claim he had ha­rassed them.

‘‘They wouldn’t get out so I went over to New World and brought some stuff, around $30 worth, and when I came back I again asked them to get out and the big­ger one said ‘‘we are not get­ting out’’.

‘‘She was big­ger than me and if I had tried any­thing she could have thumped me. I asked her where she wanted to go and she said ‘‘I want to go home’’ so I took them and they got out.’’

‘‘I didn’t look at them again think­ing that was the end of it but when I got home three of the six bags i’d brought were miss­ing.’’

Chivers also no­ticed a scarf had been taken so he then ap­proached the po­lice.

Se­nior Sergeant Jason Hen­der­son said it was not an iso­lated case. ‘‘We get a bit of this,’’ he said. ‘‘Don’t pick up strangers be­cause they are strangers and they will rip you off, es­pe­cially if you are el­derly.’’ Bur­glar­ies Three bur­glar­ies took place. Fol­low­ing one of these a 29-yearold lo­cal woman was ar­rested for tak­ing elec­tronic items and she will be ap­pear­ing in court next week. Drink driv­ing There has been a rise in drink driv­ers with seven be­ing pro­cessed last week.

These have mostly been lo­cals, some of whom were un­der 20 where the le­gal limit is a blood al­co­hol con­cen­tra­tion of zero.

All of these have re­sulted from peo­ple drink­ing at pri­vate ad­dresses and fail­ing to plan their evenings be­fore­hand. If you are plan­ning on drink­ing, be­fore you head out or­gan­ise a sober driver or al­ter­na­tive trans­port home. Rob­beries In light of re­cent rob­beries we have had there are a few things in­ves­ti­ga­tions have un­cov­ered that shops can do to pre­vent these.

These guys tend to be act­ing sus­pi­cious around the stores so call as if you see any­thing. We would much pre­fer to be called to find out it is noth­ing than be called to an­other rob­bery.

Look out for peo­ple hang­ing around in the shad­ows, be­hind ve­hi­cles, and with cov­er­ings over their faces. If some­thing does not look right trust your in­stinct.

*Se­nior Sergeant Jason Hen­der­son

‘‘She was big­ger than me and if I had tried any­thing she could have thumped me.’’ Owen Chivers


Toko­roa’s Owen Chivers is warn­ing peo­ple not to give lifts to strangers.

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