Three ex­cuses not to save

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per­sonal gross in­come to start with. No mat­ter how squeezed we think we are, mostly we can save a tiny amount each month. It will add up, even­tu­ally. Ex­cuse 3: ‘But re­tire­ment’s a long way off!’ I can’t pos­si­bly imag­ine be­ing old.

Peo­ple pay more at­ten­tion to the here and now. Poor old fu­ture self, well that can take care of it­self. No one told you that, cer­tainly not an older per­son who is likely to be liv­ing with the re­gret of what they didn’t do. It’s bet­ter to feel the ‘warmth’ now isn’t it and worry about the ‘cold’ of later life when or if it ar­rives?

So­lu­tion – See into your fu­ture. Re­searchers at the Stan­ford Cen­tre on Longevity stud­ied peo­ple when they were asked to think about them­selves in the fu­ture. They found their brain ac­tiv­ity pat­terns were sim­i­lar to those that light up when peo­ple think about a stranger. Fancy that, re­tire­ment is like a stranger! Then only some test sub­jects were shown a pic­ture of them­selves ar­ti­fi­cially aged through imag­ing soft­ware. They were then more in­ter­ested in sav­ing for re­tire­ment – sav­ing 40 per cent more than those who weren’t shown the al­tered pho­to­graphs.

Try it for your­self by us­ing Pho­to­shop or the free app Aging Booth from the Ap­ple Store. lets you up­load a photo into its Age Tell soft­ware at no cost.

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