Spring is a great time to get you gar­den in or­der

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The mid­dle of spring is a won­der­ful time for gar­den­ers.

Plants are smoth­ered in fresh fo­liage and flow­ers, many fruit trees show the promise of their sum­mer har­vest and the vege patch is hum­ming.

If home grown, freshly picked blue­ber­ries sound tempt­ing, then it’s time to find a spot at your place for a blue­berry bush or two.

‘Cli­max’ is an early sea­son va­ri­ety with medium to large dark blue berries with a very good flavour. The bush has an open and up­right habit.

Cli­max is a ‘Rab­bit­eye’ type so is self fer­tile, but will pro­duce heav­ier crops if cross pol­li­nated with an­other Rab­bit­eye va­ri­ety like ‘Tif­blue’ or ‘Cen­tu­rion’. Rab­bit­eye va­ri­eties grow well in all ar­eas of New Zealand and are par­tially de­cid­u­ous.

Blue­ber­ries pre­fer an acidic, well drained soil. In ar­eas with al­ka­line soil (a pH higher than 7), ap­pli­ca­tions of Yates Soil Acid­i­fier Liq­uid Sul­fur every month will help lower the soil pH. Some blue­ber­ries can also be grown in pots. Choose good qual­ity pot­ting mix such as Yates Pre­mium Pot­ting Mix and a large pot to give them enough room to grow.

Blue­ber­ries will ben­e­fit from reg­u­lar ap­pli­ca­tions of a com­plete plant food dur­ing spring. Yates Thrive Straw­berry & Berry Fruit Liq­uid Plant Food is ideal for blue­ber­ries as it’s for­ti­fied with ex­tra potas­sium to en­cour­age fruit­ing.

Snails can crawl up into cit­rus trees and dam­age and skele­tonise young leaves. A light sprin­kling of Yates Bl­itzem Snail & Slug Pel­lets around the base of cit­rus trees will con­trol snails be­fore they crawl up into the canopy.

Cit­rus trees have a shal­low root sys­tem which can be prone to dry­ing out. As cit­rus trees are flow­er­ing and set­ting their new crop of fruit dur­ing spring, it’s im­por­tant not to let cit­rus dry out as trees can drop their fruit if drought stressed.

Soil which is rich in or­ganic mat­ter is bet­ter able to re­tain mois­ture. Reg­u­larly ap­ply­ing Yates Dy­namic Lifter Or­ganic Plant Food around the root zone of cit­rus will help in­crease the soil’s or­ganic mat­ter con­tent and its abil­ity to store mois­ture. Af­ter ap­ply­ing Yates Dy­namic Lifter, adding a layer of or­ganic mulch around the roots will also help to re­duce mois­ture loss and as it breaks down will add fur­ther im­por­tant or­ganic mat­ter to the soil.

it’s im­por­tant to keep cit­rus well fed dur­ing spring, as they are work­ing hard grow­ing their new fruit. Yates Thrive Cit­rus Liq­uid Plant Food con­tains a com­plete and bal­anced meal for cit­rus, help­ing to pro­mote healthy green leaves and a great har­vest.

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