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Imag­ine let­ting your other half choose a tat­too for you – a de­sign you don’t get to see un­til it is inked on your skin. That’s the premise of the MTV show

Just Tat­too Of Us, hosted by Char­lotte Crosby, 26, and Stephen Bear, 27. The Bri­tish re­al­ity stars fell in love on set. CHAR­LOTTE/ We started work­ing to­gether be­cause we are both MTV tal­ent [Char­lotte was on Ge­ordie Shore and both have ap­peared on Celebrity Big Brother] and we got cho­sen to host Just Tat­too Of Us to­gether.

I wasn’t re­ally look­ing for­ward to it be­cause I thought he was as­so­ci­ated with some­one I didn’t re­ally get on well with, but he wasn’t so it all worked out fine.

My first im­pres­sion of him was that he was very out­go­ing and very talk­a­tive.

He has a crazy char­ac­ter – you would never meet any­one like him. Peo­ple re­ally warm to him and are fas­ci­nated by him be­cause he is just so dif­fer­ent and wild. You just can’t take your eyes off of him; he is very en­ter­tain­ing.

How­ever, his big­gest weak­ness is some­times he doesn’t think about what he is say­ing.

On the show I am kind of the one who feels sorry for the peo­ple, gives them a hug and tries to make them feel bet­ter whereas Bear is the one who tries to make it worse.

We are both pretty open and hon­est and we don’t re­ally have a fil­ter but I have more of a sen­si­tive side and I can sense emo­tions more than I think Bear can.

Bear is larger than life, al­ways crack­ing jokes al­though they may not al­ways be good ones.

If we are not at work we get up, Bear’s dad will make us ba­con and egg sand­wiches and we’ll sit in the liv­ing room with his brother Mad Rob.

We might take the dog out for a walk but most of­ten we talk about what take­away we are go­ing to or­der and what film we are go­ing to watch. We all take about two hours de­cid­ing on the film – no de­ci­sion is made then we put any­thing on. It is usu­ally crap so we de­cide to change and then I moan about be­ing tired but Bear yells at us ev­ery time I try to go to sleep.

His most an­noy­ing habit is that he al­ways has to do a night rou­tine though. So I am in bed say­ing, ‘C’mon let’s have a cud­dle’ and he’ll spend at least 30 min­utes cleans­ing his face, wet­ting his hair and brush­ing it back with the Tan­gle Teezer, brush­ing his teeth, floss­ing, get­ting his re­tainer in… it takes him a while. He is just a bit OCD with his night rou­tine. His quirki­est habit is that he likes to paint his nails. I’ll al­ways re­mem­ber when we were on hol­i­day in the Caribbean and he bought me a ring. He came around the pool and pre­sented it in a box.

I lit­er­ally couldn’t speak. No words could come out be­cause I was so taken aback – I couldn’t be­lieve he had done such a nice thing. STEPHEN/ I had no wor­ries about work­ing with Char­lotte as I just get on with ev­ery­one. Even if I don’t like you, I’ll pre­tend to get on with you. Plus Char­lotte’s a nice bit of eye-candy to look at while we are work­ing.

How­ever, my first im­pres­sion of Char­lotte was that she was moody. Good­ness me, she was so ar­ro­gant, she was so rude. I can’t explain it. I don’t know if it was a de­fence mech­a­nism or she thought she was be­ing cool. I would try and talk to her and she would walk away and shake her wig­gly bum at me.

But now it’s wicked work­ing with Char­lotte; I would love to do more with her be­cause it feels like I’m not even work­ing. She’s the best-look­ing girl in ex­is­tence, it is like the gods have cre­ated her to a tee, she is per­fec­tion.

Char­lotte’s big­gest strength is prob­a­bly putting up with me. I could send her mad so she is do­ing a re­ally good job. She is also very spon­ta­neous, she will just say, “Let’s go do this” and we do.

I do like to wind peo­ple up a bit to cause a bit of ten­sion in the show when it is needed and Char­lotte is good at calm­ing it down. Also, she’s bet­ter at pre­sent­ing. She’s very good and very pro­fes­sional whereas I am a bit more raw. Some­times I can’t re­mem­ber any lines and she will tell me what I need to say.

On a typ­i­cal day we go down­stairs and Dad makes a ba­con sand­wich with a bit of egg and a bit of ketchup. Char­lotte has a cof­fee with­out milk be­cause she is lac­tose in­tol­er­ant.

We usu­ally end up watch­ing a film at home. I put it on and as soon as I do Char­lotte will go on her phone and there is no point re­ally putting it on then.

She will blame me for pick­ing a bad film, even though she had the op­por­tu­nity to pick one her­self.

Her big­gest weak­ness is go­ing on her phone too much. It drives me in­sane. I think I want at­ten­tion all the time from her, but she wants to switch off some­times since we are al­ways to­gether. Some­times it causes an ar­gu­ment so I have learnt to say, “Just go on your phone, babe.”

Her worst habit is that she speaks for me some­times. I’m not stupid, I have a voice but she can’t wait to jump in and say, “What he meant was this.” She hasn’t got a lot of bad habits, but that one is just an­noy­ing.

One of her best mo­ments was on my birth­day. I knew she liked me but I didn’t think she liked me that much. I went to my ho­tel room and she and her mates had filled the en­tire room with bal­loons and she got me a nice bag I had been want­ing.

She has a funny ac­cent and she’s al­ways laugh­ing and jok­ing. She has the best legs I’ve ever seen. Just Tat­too Of Us I’m in bed say­ing, ‘C’mon, let’s have a cud­dle’ and he’ll spend at least 30 min­utes cleans­ing his face, wet­ting his hair,

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