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The bland, ster­ile words; the eva­sive body lan­guage. “Po­lit­i­cal Speak” is easy to de­tect, says Pa­trick “it’s Paddy” Gower. He sees it in the un­nat­u­ral ges­tures, and hears the squeaky-clean talk­ing points ring hol­low.

“It’s al­most a for­eign lan­guage,” says Gower, speak­ing in the slow, pur­pose­ful voice you hear week­nights on the telly. “My job is to trans­late it.”

Gower first reck­oned with Po­lit­i­cal Speak back in 2008, when cov­er­ing his first elec­tion. Tech­nol­ogy has changed since then, but, ul­ti­mately, the job of elec­tion cov­er­age hasn’t. “It’s like: go, ask ques­tions, find out stuff, turn it into a story, tell the peo­ple what’s go­ing on,” he says. “My job is pretty much the same. Ex­cept I wear makeup now. I didn’t wear makeup in 2008.”

Chart­ing the elec­tion’s twists and turns; break­ing scoops; hold­ing power to ac­count; set­ting the na­tion’s po­lit­i­cal dis­course. Right now, Gower’s life is hec­tic. “Ac­tu­ally, hec­tic is an ex­treme un­der­state­ment. Chaotic. Volatile. Crazy. I have to say, it’s ac­tu­ally pretty scary right now.” So how does he take care of him­self?

“I eat a lot of al­monds. I don’t even know if they’re good or bad for you, I just eat a lot of al­monds. Some­times I’ll have a hand­ful, some­times a pack. I’m very dis­ap­pointed there was no al­mond/cashew ques­tion in The Grill.” Well, sorry Paddy. Even so, Gower agreed to take our Sun­day Grill.

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