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Af­ter seven years of work­ing for Trelise Cooper, 24-year-old Kayla Jurlina started her own fash­ion busi­ness, Homage. Last year was a whirl­wind, so now Jurlina is re­claim­ing her week­ends for plea­sure and re­lax­ation. She talks to My fam­ily’s Croa­t­ian and all of our time is spent at the din­ing ta­ble. Usu­ally I head out to my par­ents’ place for a Sun­day af­ter­noon. They live in Kumeu. I used to go more of­ten but with traf­fic, it’s so hard get­ting out. So Sun­day is the day for fam­ily. My dad is such a big foodie, he’ll have the bar­be­cue on and have ribs or fresh fish cook­ing, and my brother will come down from up the road and it will be this big fam­ily af­fair. My dad will start pulling out his home­made red wine, so we’re all drink­ing red wine, and oc­ca­sion­ally I’ll stay the night and come back to town early on a Mon­day. I would never think to go out to din­ner at a restau­rant on a Sun­day night, or make plans to go to a movie. For me, Sun­day is this sa­cred rest time. I never make big plans. Maybe it’s the word; “Sun­day” feels re­lax­ing to me. I al­ways have records on. I have a good col­lec­tion: I play Fleet­wood Mac, Go­ril­laz, James Blake – so good on vinyl.

I ask my­self ev­ery day, who do I feel like be­ing when I get ready? Do I want to be this boss woman when I go into a meet­ing? Do I want to be known as this “fash­ion” girl? I try to dress for ev­ery oc­ca­sion – even if it’s brunch, or go­ing to the pools, or yoga. I feel like, why not? Why not dress up? On the week­end, I’ll throw on a pair of sports tights with a fur coat, with a hoodie un­der­neath. But I’ll still have lip­stick on. And sneak­ers, rather than a heel.

I’ve re­alised, work­ing on my own, there are times where I’m not com­mu­ni­cat­ing with peo­ple. I strug­gle with that – not be­ing able to bounce ideas off some­one. I started go­ing for these walks around One Tree Hill. There’s some­thing about be­ing in open space with these trees – it’s so sooth­ing! I go for walks con­stantly, and I’ll al­ways go on a Sun­day, just to get breath­ing space and clear my head.

Re­cently I’ve been go­ing to the pools so much. I re­alised, af­ter leav­ing Trelise, how im­por­tant ex­er­cise is for you. At the Olympic Pools in New­mar­ket, they have a spa and a sauna. So, on a Sun­day, my boyfriend An­drew and I will go out for lunch with my par­ents, then go to a 5.30 yoga class and hit the spa af­ter­wards. It’s the most re­lax­ing day.

Last year, I had a hard year. My mum’s cancer came back re­ally bad and we didn’t think she was go­ing to make it un­til Christ­mas. So I was try­ing to jug­gle that, work, travel. I de­cided, this year, I’m go­ing to give my­self a break. I wanted to do some­thing dif­fer­ent. Now, I re­alise how nice it is to work for your­self. I re­cently took my mum to a fash­ion show and we went and had lunch for two hours. I could never have done that be­fore. This is my time to spend with Mum and I’m re­ally ap­pre­ci­at­ing it.

Grow­ing up, I re­mem­ber my mum pick­ing me up from school wear­ing big jew­ellery. I was like, “Mum can you please be like the other mums, this is so em­bar­rass­ing.” And I al­ways used to wear my grandma’s clip-on ear­rings. I wanted to do some­thing to pay homage to them. Homage is project-based – it’s not just a jew­ellery la­bel, it’s a brand and my first col­lec­tion is jew­ellery. There’s so much more I want to do.

Kayla Jurlina en­joys in­ject­ing glam­our into each day.

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