Grant the plant

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The penny has fi­nally dropped – it’s dirty pol­i­tics. Damien Grant is clearly a plant by some shad­owy left-wing or­gan­i­sa­tion to dis­credit the right-think­ing right-wing.

Harry Love, Dunedin

Grant at­tempts to stim­u­late de­bate to­wards re­turn­ing to a First Past the Post (FPP) elec­toral sys­tem, and in­deed he is not the only one, in the vac­uum fol­low­ing the elec­tion while ev­ery­one waits to see which

way Win­ston Peters will jump.

At the time the cur­rent MMP sys­tem was set up no MP wanted it so they pre­sented the pub­lic with a model that was so flawed they thought it would get re­jected out of hand at the ref­er­en­dum. What they failed to con­sider, how­ever, was that the pub­lic were so sick and tired of the shenani­gans un­der a FPP sys­tem where Grant’s ver­sion of a ‘‘sta­ble gov­ern­ment’’ was ac­tu­ally stum­bling from left to right ex­tremes, that any form of pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion was an im­prove­ment.

What is ac­tu­ally re­quired is a MMP sys­tem which pro­vides greater pro­por­tion­al­ity which will re­sult in mul­ti­ple com­bi­na­tions of op­tions to make up a rep­re­sen­ta­tive gov­ern­ment. It will also mean that ex­tremes of ide­ol­ogy should be strongly lim­ited, to pro­tect against un­bal­anced gov­ern­ment and ex­cesses.

Mur­ray Shaw, Whanganui

Re­joyce, for St Steven some­times known as the fis­cal holy man, will try to lead us to the dan­ger­ous world of huge fis­cal holes, un­bri­dled im­mi­gra­tion, land sold from un­der our feet and rivers of poi­son. In­stead, St Win­ston the pa­tron saint of trav­ellers will lead us to the promised land.

Gra­ham Fleet­wood, Mel­lons Bay

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