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View­ing how Maori have been de­picted in the pre­vi­ous two cen­turies ‘‘Bad Press’’ (Sun­day,

June 3) should be viewed with a de­gree of cau­tion.

Yes, view­ing this lit­er­a­ture through the lens of 2018 makes it ap­pear op­pro­bri­ous but in his ex­cel­lent ‘‘what were you think­ing’’ mono­logue on the per­ils of be­ing ‘‘woke’’, co­me­dian and TV host Bill Ma­her also re­minds us that in the 1900s heroin was used as cough sup­pres­sion for chil­dren, am­phet­a­mines were used for slim­ming and smok­ing on planes was per­mit­ted not all that long ago.

Shows such as Benny Hill and even the beloved M*A*S*H high­light at­ti­tudes that are out of step now.

There are cur­rent prac­tices that we will cringe at in 30 years’ time, yet we have evolved and will con­tinue to do so. An­drew Hawkey, Christchurch

Wow! Thanks to the Sun­day StarTimes for the ar­ti­cle on the por­trayal of Maori over the past 200 years. At the age of 80 I have waited a long time for some­thing like this. Sadly though, not much has changed. There are still some peo­ple who use some of those highly prej­u­diced at­ti­tudes to den­i­grate Maori. Gary Po­tonga Neil­son,



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