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You will need:

Heavy-duty plas­tic sheet­ing, plas­tic drop cloth or tar­pau­lin to fit the space avail­able Hose or sprin­kler Wire gar­den sta­ples.

Op­tional ex­tras:

pool noo­dles; duct tape; soaker hose rope baby oil or shampoo shav­ing cream


A slope makes for a more ex­cit­ing ride, but a flat slip-and-slide works too – es­pe­cially for small chil­dren.

Suit the di­men­sions of the slide to fit your lawn. Al­low plenty of room on all sides of the slide to avoid ac­ci­dents.

En­sure the sur­face is smooth with no rocks or sharp items un­der­neath that might hurt the play­ers or punc­ture the plas­tic. Rolls of plas­tic sold for green­house cov­ers work well and can be reused for cloches next win­ter.

Pin down with wire weed­mat sta­ples, push­ing them well below the sur­face of the lawn so they won’t cause in­juries.

Place the hose at the top of the slope, or run a soaker hose along it. Pool noo­dles can be rolled into the sides and taped in place to chan­nel the wa­ter and to keep smaller chil­dren on the slide.

Chil­dren can hang on to a rope to be pulled around a flat slide.

Baby shampoo adds bub­bles with­out sting­ing young eyes.


You will need Four colours of spray mark­ing paint Card­board Scis­sors String line Pa­per plates or card­board Pen­cils or chop­sticks Coloured mark­ers


Cut out a 20cm cir­cle in a large piece of card­board or avoid spray drift by cut­ting a cir­cle out of the bot­tom of a bucket to use as a tem­plate.

Lay out the string in a straight line on the lawn as a guide for the first row of cir­cles.

The ba­sic grid is four rows of six cir­cles but make it big­ger if you have the room and there are lots of peo­ple play­ing.

Spray the first line of cir­cles in one colour. Make a se­cond row of cir­cles par­al­lel to the first with the se­cond colour. Re­peat with the re­main­ing two colours. Mark two pa­per plates into four quar­ters. Colour each seg­ment of one to match the four paint colours. La­bel the seg­ments of the other: right leg, left leg, right hand, left hand. Turn into spin­ners by push­ing a pen­cil through the middle.

To play, spin both spin­ners and call out the com­bi­na­tion to the play­ers who place the cor­rect limb on the se­lected colour: left leg on blue, right hand on yel­low, and so on. Con­tinue un­til play­ers are in a tan­gled, laugh­ing heap.


Cool­ing, fun and prac­ti­cally free – a clas­sic sum­mer back­yard game.

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